Leo, Las Vegas

      Hello Olga,

     I finally made it back home safe.

     I enjoyed my stay in Tver a great deal. I enjoyed the company of Anna, Kate and Lena and learned a great deal from talking with them during our walks through the city. Hopefully they gained something from our talks also. Please be sure that they know that I appreciate the time that they spent with me.

     I enjoyed the food that I was able to sample--perhaps another trip will need to be made so that I can try more different types. I would like to try the Russian version of Chinese food and perhaps a pizza.

     I am happy that I did meet Anastasia--I probably would not have met her if I had followed what I assume is the more routine manner of first corresponding with the woman prior to meeting her. I think I would have assumed she would not be interested in meeting me. So in a way things worked out for the best. I will be trying to see if Anastasia is interested in pursuing this relationship further. If she turns out to be the one then the other things do not matter.

     If I am able to visit Tver again I will certainly consider using your services again if circumstances would make that possible.

     Thanks for all of the time and effort that you and everyone else put into making my trip a pleasant experience.

Take care,
Leo from Las Vegas.

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