Ludmila and Deni

Hello dear friends!

My name is Ludmila. I'm from Kiev. Today I want to share my story)! My communication with Deni began quite unexpectedly). He sent me a casual message, ‘Hello, how are you?’ but I could not take my eyes off his photo! He was so handsome and athletic and he even had blue eyes! "Looks like a God", I thought! As if in a trance, I was always waiting for him online! So, almost 4 months of our daily communication had passed when suddenly Deni said that in 2 days he would be in Kiev. He offered to meet me! The reason he gave for coming was rather strange, something about helping to choose a gift for his friend's birthday but I agreed because it was a good reason to spend time together. "Chase your dreams", dreams in which Denis played a key role.

I want to say a huge thank you to my local agency and site administration because managing to organize our date in such a short time was true 'aerobatics'! They are great professionals!

So, we met and Deni arrived with flowers. I could not believe all of this was happening to me. We walked all day and evening, laughed a lot, everything was just like it is in romantic movies. We went to warm up in a small coffee shop where we drank hot chocolate and at the end of the walk, he gave me a large chocolate angel who was hugging an equally large chocolate heart.

It is impossible to describe how much emotion I felt. If I was able to fly above in the sky, I would definitely have had enough energy. I wanted to scream with happiness. It is amazing how many positive emotions one person can give to another, simply by the fact that he is with you… and you are in love with him.

The time came for the end of our date and we each went back to our own home. At one point I began to think it had just been a joke but no, from that day on, our year-long story began. It's a love story: weird, amazing, painful, stupid, overly emotional …. but perfect for us.

Now I remember this episode with great warmth and gratitude to the person who brought this madness, emotions, and experience to my life. At the very least, I am grateful for the memory of a cool day and a magical year!

Now our communication continues with the same Italian passion! We still haven't decided whether we are a couple or not. Time will tell!

My dear friends! At the end of this letter, I want to say that there is no need to be afraid of looking for love on the Internet! Everything is possible here! Everything is genuine here! Those who do not take a risk - do not drink champagne! Register, fall in love, meet! Then love will enter your life!



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