Irina and Adam

Hello to you all!

My name is Irina. I live in Ukraine in the city of Donetsk. Now I want to tell you my true story! I have always been adventurous and therefore searching for love on the Internet was not a problem for me! I had heard lots of great reviews from my friends about behappy2day so I quickly registered and I immediately started looking for love! I saw Adam's profile about a week after I had joined! I liked this man immediately! He was determined, romantic, and intelligent! We both felt the desire to meet in real life at the same time! But Donetsk was now a city in which there was a war so Adam kindly offered to meet in Moscow! Now I want to express my gratitude to the administration of the site as well as to my local agency! The preparations were made so quickly! In just two days I was on my way to Moscow!

Adam met me at the train station and took me to the hotel. An hour later, I was ready for new experiences and a date! Don't laugh at me, I still remember the tastes of that very best first date! You might think that this would be the taste of the first kiss with someone for whom the feelings I have to defy description. But no! This date tasted like Italian food and seafood! It also had the taste of fresh pineapple and French wine!

A leisurely stroll through the very center of Moscow, the glow of bright billboards illuminating our faces. We walked along the Arbat and enjoyed each other's company! Nothing fancy, but so romantic! The weekend passed by very quickly. It was the most emotional and moving date of my life! I still keep the warmth of it in my soul!

Two days later I went back to Donetsk. I am grateful to Adam for the opportunity to have such a great weekend! Now we call each other, we correspond. Only the passage of time will allow everything to fall into place! Let's see what fate has in store for us! But, I want to tell you, dear friends - I am happy that I registered on behappy2day! From my own experience, I am convinced that there is a great possibility to find your love! I recommend it to everyone - register your profile as soon as possible, start chatting, fall in love, make dates! I hope everyone finds love and happiness soon!




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