Elena and Dario

Hello everyone, 

My name is Elena and I am a very happy woman. I have a child and I have survived a divorce and a broken heart. Then I met a real man, a gentleman, a knight, a gallant gentleman, a real Italian signor. The heavens and the stars themselves helped us to meet each other online. I will not hide the fact that I came to the dating site after feeling despair from so many years of loneliness. In my profile, I indicated that I spoke Italian because previously I had worked in Italy for four years, and the fact that I knew the language helped us to become closer. We corresponded for over six months, wrote letters to each other, communicated via chat and video chat, and called each other on the phone. Our communication was based on absolute honesty, frankness - we called things by their proper names, did not hide anything from each other. Our meeting in Kiev was the beginning of our serious relationship - we were nice and comfortable with each other and we both want a family. We are sincerely grateful to the international dating site for helping us to find each other. We are so happy that we are together. Dear friends, come to the international dating site, meet, fall in love, and give yourself a chance to become happy.



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