Valeria and David

Hello everyone,

I met David on an BeHappy2Day dating site and after our first chat, I became very interested in this man. But after reading his profile, I was a little scared - he clearly said that he wanted to find a girl who was willing to study Hebrew and the national traditions, culture and heritage, customs, and history of the Jewish people. I am from an Orthodox family and I knew absolutely nothing about anything of this. Moreover, I had never been to Israel and could not think about life in that country.

But as we communicated through letters, chats, and video chats, I realized that not everything was so scary - David was ready to meet and help me to learn Hebrew. David is well acquainted with the culture of Ukraine as his grandmother is from Ukraine. We found we had a lot in common despite the fact that we have many differences and in fact, we are from different worlds. What struck me the most about David was his desire to have a family and become a good husband.

Our acquaintance once again proves that fate and life have many surprises and you never know where and when you will meet your destiny. And you need to use all possible resources to find love. You just need a little courage and a sincere desire.




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