Ting and Thomas

Hello everyone!

This picture was taken when Ting and Thomas traveled around China in 2014!

They started to talk on our site in 2013. Thomas said that Ting was a really pretty and loving girl who very much surprised him. She was also very warm and melted his heart. He was tired of being alone after being divorced for five years and he had been interested in Chinese women since he was young. Now he finally had the chance to love this pretty Chinese girl, Ting. Thomas is an engineer so he travels a lot and he says he hopes to travel around the world with Ting in the future.

Ting has divorced ten years ago and since then she dated some Chinese men but there was no happy ending with any of them. She did not give up though so she tried our site and was lucky to find Thomas who stole her heart. Since she had grown up in a single-parent family, she really needed lots of love and affection and Thomas gives her all she needs and wants. She says that Thomas is her angel and savior.

Ting and Thomas 

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