Tom and Jie

Tom and Jie are a perfect couple who are now happily married!

Tom is from the USA; he has three daughters who are all grown-up and living their own lives. He has been single for many years so he wanted to find an Asian lady, who would take care of him, warm and heal his heart and give him all the love she has. Tom found Jie on this website and she had everything he wanted in his woman. With her, Tom feels the happiest he has ever been; she makes him smile every day and is always by his side to help when needed.

Jie is from north China. She is a teacher and has been divorced for five years. Jie has a young daughter who offered her a glimmer of hope after the divorce. She has always wanted to have a happy family, full of love and with each person cherishing every moment spent together. So, Jie decided to find a reliable and responsible man who would be of great support to this small family. Tom appeared to be her ideal type of man who she now loves a lot. In her heart, Tom is her treasure and her diamond!

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