Svetlana and Pierre

Good afternoon dear friends!

I want to share my story of meeting a man who has given me extraordinary joyful emotions from communicating with him.

Our acquaintance began with letters. His letters have always been distinguished by interesting content and a special vividness of description. From this correspondence, I learned a lot about Pierre, his character, habits, what he likes and what he doesn’t. Behind the lines I saw a wonderful man, worthy, with family values, enthusiastic, with a wonderful sense of humor, who is capable of a real act for the sake of his beloved woman. These were not just letters - these were small messages from the big soul of a person who became close and dear to me within a few months of our correspondence. He just made me fall in love with him.

His arrival was a breath of fresh air for me, a new page, bright and memorable. He talked about his travels with even greater interest, and I listened tenderly to his stories. We agreed to explore the next island together wandering along the snow-white beaches, swimming in azure water, watching sunsets and the stars at night.

The reason for all this is the letters that we wrote to each other which made us so happy. In this boundless ocean of life, we FOUND our island of love. There will be good weather, a place to play with children, hugs and kisses, shared hobbies or activities, conversations about everything, and love that brings it all together.

Dear site administration and my local agency! I thank you for doing such a professional job! Thank you for connecting our hearts! Thank you for helping couples to find love!


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