Valentina and Pierre

Good afternoon! Today I have a real desire to share my happiness with you! Everyone has their own love story and each one is different. I have my own story too and I will keep it in my heart where it will stay forever.

They could tell me: “Yes, you just got lucky with a man!” Certainly lucky. I was lucky because I believed that true love existed, I knew that I would meet my man, I learned the language, made plans, and dreamed. And so yes, I'm lucky!

I met a man who is so close to me that it's hard to even imagine. I always wanted to be with someone who had common interests because this unites and brings people together and makes them happy. And Pierre is just that person. I felt a lot of positive emotions from our meeting. We visited a nice cozy restaurant and then Pierre suggested taking a walk around Kyiv, especially since it is so beautiful in autumn. We wandered the streets strewn with colorful leaves, drank hot coffee near a fountain, walked in the park and enjoyed the autumn chrysanthemums. Time flew by unnoticed. He held my hand all the time, tried to be attentive and courteous, paid me numerous compliments, joked, wrapped me in care. I felt such tenderness and happiness because it was easy for me to communicate with this person and share my thoughts.

I myself was surprised how just the few hours of our first meeting made us become so close. He is exactly the kind of man I have dreamed of - purposeful, persistent, a man who knows what he wants in life and achieves his goals. Pierre is close to me in spirit, in mood, in the major beat of the soul.

For our next meeting, we decided to plan a route together for our hiking trip and go walking again. I hope that this will become a regular habit - to come up with routes and for this to become a favorite pastime for our future family. And I wish every single girl to be lucky too. May they find the same happy route through life with their beloved man, just like I have.

And now I would like to thank my local agency and the site administration for a perfectly organized date! You are doing a great job!!

Sincerely, Valentina

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