Margarita from Kiev, Ukraine

city: Kiev, Ukraine
This week is glad to introduce a charming lady Margarita from Kiev, Ukraine. Margarita is a shy, active and polite lady who likes singing, travelling and visiting museums and galleries! Want to find out more? Read Margarita’s story and enjoy her wonderful photos.

Hel­lo my dear!

My name is Mar­gari­ta. I am like one of na­ture’s ten­der flow­ers. I am a shy and kind lady with a big heart and a deep in­n­er world with many sides to my per­so­n­al­i­ty. I am a singer. This is my pro­fes­sion and my hob­by at the same time and I love what I do so much that I put a lit­tle piece of my soul in­to ev­ery­thing I sing.

I like to ex­plore the world and meet peo­ple as well so I trav­el a lot. I al­so like sport - I run sev­er­al times a week - and mod­ern art. I am a good cook and love to ex­per­i­ment in the kitchen. I like to dance too and dream of do­ing it pro­fes­sio­n­al­ly.

I am open to ev­ery­thing new and in­ter­est­ing which is why I am ready to share the hob­bies and in­ter­ests of my fu­ture beloved man. There is so much more to dis­cov­er in this world and we will have our whole life­time to ex­plore it to­gether!

My world is not com­plete with­out a man near­by. I dream about love and a re­la­tion­ship. I want to have a re­li­able shoulder near­by. Maybe you are my man…


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Confirmed Profile
Age: 28
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i follow my heart on the way to my love!

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