Marina from Nikolaev, Ukraine

city: Nikolaev, Ukraine
We are glad to introduce you a beautiful and sportive lady Marina from Nikolaev. Marina presents a brilliant combination of beauty and health in one body. She knows how to be attractive. She decided to let her into her life telling you the ideas about her lifestyle. You will be also pleased to learn more about her life. Marina decided to share her sacred dreams with you. Read her story and enjoy her extra photos!
Hi! I want to tell you about a wonderful training that helps me to keep fit and keep my body beautiful and in a good shape.
I exercise and attend fitness classes three times a week; I believe that a humanís heart must have the load that would work for a better and healthier future. I do not smoke or drink, as it is incompatible with the sport lifestyle that I lead. Bad habits can take away my strength, and I will not have enough energy for an efficient training.
I believe that a real woman should not only cook or maintain the house clean and cozy, but also please her man and bring joy to his eyes, so I want my future husband to be proud of me and I want to be the most beautiful lady in world for him) I want these photos to show you my favorite exercises ... My dream is to visit a sport club not by myself, but with my beloved man, so that we could help each other and support each other; and I believe that supporting is an important part of a serious and strong relationship.
In summer, I like jogging at the stadium in the morning, and maybe soon, you will see my photos with me jogging at the stadium!
I also love cooking, my dishes are tasty; my favorite dish is poppy-seed crunch salmon. I hope you will try it one day!
Please enjoy look at my pictures, I hope you will like them!
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