Galina from Neteshin, Ukraine

city: Neteshin, Ukraine
This week is glad to introduce an amazing lady Galina from Neteshin, Ukraine. Galina is a very sensitive and passionate lady, who loves playing the piano and dancing! Interested? Read Galina’s story and enjoy viewing her wonderful pictures.


My name is Gali­na and I am de­light­ed to have a chance to get to know you!

In a world full of lone­ly hearts, I am look­ing for my one and on­ly who will bring the light­est, bright­est and most ten­der feel­ings to this heart of mine!

I am a wo­m­an with a defi­nite can-do at­ti­tude who be­lieves that with the right ef­fort and state of mind, we can reach any goals we wish for. My own goal is to build a life with a spe­cial man, to cre­ate our own lit­tle world filled with love, pas­sion and ten­der­ness!

Al­though I've got a very se­ri­ous job, I do try to do other ac­tiv­i­ties. My hob­by is or­ganiz­ing dif­fer­ent events - main­ly wed­d­ings, birth­days and cor­po­rate par­ties. See­ing peo­ple smil­ing, en­joy­ing them­selves and just hav­ing fun brings me so much plea­sure. Another pas­sion of mine is sing­ing. I adore it!

I've got lots of other hid­den ta­l­ents - I am like a jew­el­ry box full of lots of sur­pris­es! I will tell you more them when we get to know each other bet­ter! I want to sing the song of love to my fu­ture beloved one... Where are you? My song is wait­ing for you...

Sin­cere­ly yours,

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