Kristina from Odessa, Ukraine

city: Odessa, Ukraine
We are glad to introduce a beautiful lady Kristina from Odessa, Ukraine. Kristina is a brilliant example of an active person. She is an optimistic and open lady. She decided to tell you the story of how sports help her to live in this life. Sport was the thing that built many traits of her character. And she is proud of it. Read Kristinaís interesting story to learn more about her achievements.

All of my life Iíve been interested in sports and arts: fitness, dances (the dances of different nations of the world). I have traveled a lot along with the dance team and I have been to Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Russia and all over Ukraine.

Sport made me a strong willed person and a beautiful lady. Sport and the feeling of competition gave me some features of my character as being the winner in life. I adore snowboarding and I have been to ski resorts in Europe.

I have got lots of positive emotions there and I believe that there is nothing more exciting than to stay on the top of the mountain in the clouds and see the great sunset; there is nothing more romantic than to sit on the low top of the mountain in an open caf? with wooden fence, drink hot tea and look down the mountain where there are lots of great trees lit by sunshine.

I have started from skiing. I was skiing for 5 years and decided to try something new. I was always captivated by those tricks people make using boards. I knew that it would be not as easy as learning skiing, but I decided to try.

My first attempts were not successful and during my whole vacation I was falling down. Nothing pleasant!

But when I got back home I decided that I should learn how to cope with snowboard and decided to buy one. Since all the equipment is not so cheap most of my close people tried to guard me from buying senseless things until I really learn how to use them.

But I was inexorable. I thought if I spend so much money on my snowboard I have to learn. And you wouldnít believe my plan worked for me. Next winter I made my first steps towards subjection of this kind of sport.

Now I cannot imagine any winter without this sport. It became my passion and I am happy I didnít give up and was goal-oriented until I got results.

You will see my first video and now I am snowboarding much better. Maybe this winter I will make another video and boast of my results.

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