About Me

  • Birthday 16 Sep 1999
  • Zodiac Sign ♍︎ Virgo
  • Residence Medellín, Colombia
  • Occupation Teaching
  • Education University
  • Level of English Good
  • Religion Catholic
  • Smoke? Non-Smoker
  • Drink? Social
  • Height 5' 4'' / 1.63m
  • Weight 136 Lbs / 62 kg
  • Hair Color Blonde
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Marital Status Single
  • Children None
  • Plans Children No

* the level of English is estimated by the lady


I find solace in the arms of nature, my spirit revitalized as I traverse lush forests and soak in the tranquility of serene landscapes. The world of movies serves as a gateway to infinite imagination, enchanting me with narratives that stir emotions and prompt contemplation. Within the confines of the kitchen, I channel my creativity, experimenting with flavors to concoct culinary creations that not only please the taste buds but also warm the heart. Sports are my source of vitality, compelling me to exceed my limits and embrace the thrill of competition, whether it`s the rush of a race or the camaraderie of team dynamics. Travel, my most potent teacher, exposes me to the richness of diverse cultures, broadening my perspectives and shaping my comprehension of the world, one adventure at a time.

Self Description

Allow me to share a bit about myself. As you may be aware, I dedicate myself fervently to my work, but there are other dimensions of my life that deserve mentioning. To start, I embody a lively spirit and harbor an eagerness to explore new realms. In matters of love, I am a daring risk-taker, perpetually seeking novel adventures. My affectionate and caring nature makes me an enjoyable partner to have by your side. Moreover, the realm of beauty captivates me. I possess a keen sensitivity to aesthetic nuances and take pleasure in everything that exudes harmony and allure. My creative essence continuously seeks outlets, seeking opportunities to infuse artistry into my existence. Lastly, and certainly not the least, I have a deep affection for children. I possess an innate ability to connect with them and am always willing to lend a helping hand. Kindness and generosity define me, and my fondness for children is a reflection of these traits. In summation, I am an extraordinary and multifaceted individual who embraces life with fervor and vitality. I hope this letter provides you with a glimpse of my personality. ❤❤

I’m Looking For

I yearn for a man who recognizes the immeasurable worth that resides within me, someone who perceives my true value. I aspire to be the partner who supports and propels him forward when life becomes daunting. I`m in search of that person who not only acknowledges my presence but also indulges my desires for affection and love. I have no intention of feigning anything; my hopes extend to experiencing the entirety of what a deep connection can offer, and this goes beyond material possessions. I`d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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