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Erik, Sweden

Dear behappy2day,
Big thanks for providing such a useful service as English lessons! It really helped me and Marina move forward with our interaction. Your website is fantastic, I've already recommended it to all my single friends :)

Patrick, Germany

Hi guys,

Just wanted to say a big thanks to you for great services of this website! I’ve been enjoying the live chat with my lady Olga for quite some time, and recently I decided to try Phone call and wasn’t disappointed! It was really nice to hear her voice and the translator helped us greatly. I will definitely try it again!

Dave and Valeria

Dave and Valeria Happy Match Hi,

This is Valeria; and here is the story of love of Dave and me.

When I found this site and decided to sign up, I did it with an open mind. When I started a virtual search for my soul mate, I realized that to find real feelings and sincere love without seeing a person next to you was quite a task! Internet dating is full of surprises at times.

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David, United Kingdom

Dear staff,

Thank you for your help with the meeting and your services, I would like to compliment the "Be Happy" team, and especially the local interpreter (Irina), she was very professional and yet kept everyone at ease and helped with a very smooth meeting - and of course seamless translation. I really enjoyed my "dating experience"; we will see what happens. I would very much like to use your services again! Please convey my thanks to all concerned for their help and…

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Peter, Netherlands

I met both ladies. The first one was nice, we had a nice dinner. We probably, stay in touch, I don't expect much to come out of it. The second date was a huge hit. We met in the morning of Saturday, and spent every minute until Sunday 13.00 together when I had to go to the airport. We had a very good click, and will meet again next week. I want to thank you…

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Frederik, Norway

Hello there,

I’m here to say that I have used almost all of your services and I want to say that best of all I enjoyed Romance Tours. You granted me a great opportunity not only to meet my lady in real life but also to visit a different country. I really appreciate this. Thank you!

Kostas, Greece

Hello staff,†

I am under impression because I could not have expected that amount of responses I've got on your website! Today is my first day and I have received over 40 responses from your beautifil ladies. I used Live Chat also. For me itís very convenient for I shouldnít wait at all for the responses. I can discuss everything here and now. So I am on my way to choose my second half with your…

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Jan, Norway

Thank you for all your help. All arrangements from your side worked perfectly. The translator was professional and good, absolutely recommendable.
In total I am happy with your service.  And will use it again.

Renne, Italy

Dear staff,

I would like to share my experience in dealing with you.  Your website is fantastic, good layout and very attractive ladies! I have been on other dating sites before, but after knowing your site I have cancelled all other sites. I enjoy your services especially Video Chat . I can communicate with my lady almost face-to-face, without any misunderstandings. Keep up doing your good work!

Sean, Colorado, the USA

 Dear staff,

I want to share with you my feelings towards my trip. You call it romance tour, right?
Delightful, charming, and unforgettable. I can’t describe it in a few words, but you know that all possible positive words will suit this service. Really, it was very fast and nicely organized.
I hope that the relationship with my soul mate was taken to a new level.

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