Sam and Ning

Sam and Ning fell in love on this site and now they live happily together.

Sam is a handsome man from Sweden which is a pretty country and cold just like north China but he said that with an attractive and loving woman by his side, his heart would always feel warm and so he joined our site to find a nice lady. He has a lovely family with three grown up children who visit him and get together often and who advised him to find a good lady because they thought he was lonely. It was true, he was really tired of being alone and wanted to find his princess. He found Ning online by coincidence and now he is completely in love with her.

Ning had been single for a few years and hoped to find a romantic man who was handsome, loving, faithful and kind to share her future life with. She has a good job, healthy parents and many hobbies too.  She needed a man to love and cherish and this man would be her whole world. Ning was attracted by Sam’s maturity and handsome appearance and she feels so lucky to have met him. Now she will never let him go!

Their life together just gets better and better!

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