Oksana and Brian

Love is an emotion that cannot be shown without real and sincere feelings. Love does exist and our couple is an example of this. Oksana and Brian are two halves who found each other despite all the difficulties they faced along the way. This love story began long before the quarantine measures began throughout the world.

These two liked each other immediately and communication soon began between them. Even in his letters, Brian paid to Oksana a lot of attention with his warm words, wonderful gifts, and incredible actions. Oksana, in turn, also showed her feminine support, care and affection.

Brian repeatedly tried to come to Ukraine but due to the strict travel restrictions that were imposed, his flights were often canceled but his determination and her eagerness to meet him only brought them closer together. When he finally arrived in Ukraine, he realized that he had found his destiny, found a woman with whom he had fallen head over heels in love. Oksana also felt that he was very dear to her and that he was a person who could make her happy. On the day of their first meeting, they were nervous but they need not have been because they found a common language from the very first moment. They walked hand in hand every day, had warm and cozy dinners in lovely restaurants and enjoyed unforgettable conversations about everything in the world.

While still in America, Brian decided to propose to Oksana, and one day, he got down on one knee and asked her if she would be his wife. With tears in her eyes and a smile on her face, she answered "Yes". Now the lovers are actively preparing for their wedding and making plans for the future. So despite the quarantine and all the difficulties with traveling this year, two loving hearts have become one and two people are now happy and filled with love.

Our lovers also want to give some advice to all the women and men who hope to find love with the help of a marriage agency. "Don't be afraid, perhaps your destiny lives in another country, and you just don't know it. So trust your heart and believe in your success in finding love".

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