Viktoria and Greg

Hello everyone!

I guess right now, just like I was a while ago, you are having reservations about whether you should give online dating a try or not… leaping ahead, I want to say that yes, you should give it a try! Life is so versatile that it's just silly to put yourself inside just four walls! That's the conclusion I made after my experience here on this website - behappy2day. Very soon after my registration here, I got to know Greg. We started chatting and sending each other letters which soon became a little like an addiction - we felt that neither of us could live a day without contacting each other. We laughed, we had a good time, we discussed our backgrounds and hopes for the future. One day, Greg offered something to me that I simply could not say 'no' to. He offered me to meet in Kiev. Of course, I said 'YES'.! Greg had captured all my attention and I had no doubts about him! Very soon he arrived in Kiev and we had a wonderful time together - we walked, went on excursions and even tried something risky - we tried go-cart racing! It was amazing! We laughed and screamed and just had a wonderful time! Another surprise was waiting for me later… Greg suggested that we went on vacation together to Greece. I said 'yes'! We spent an amazing time together in a true paradise. Now we keep in touch because COVID-19 has put paid to everyone's plans… there are certain restrictions on travel. Right now I don't know what is waiting for Greg and me in the future, but I hope only for the best. So, if you still doubt whether you should register here or not - put all those doubts aside! Just try it and I am sure you will find your beloved one here!




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