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Nov 29, 2012

BeHappy2day represents splendid Natalia from Nikolaev

We are glad to introduce a gorgeous lady Natalia from Nikolaev, who is a splendid example of a real sports lady. Many ladies go in for various kinds of sports nowadays. They mostly attend fitness clubs or gyms. But Natalia can be called unique in this sense. She is fond of football. She is a great football fan as well as a great player. She is glad to reveal her ideas about this hobby and share her exclusive football pictures with you. See her exclusive interview and photos here.
Nov 12, 2012

BeHappy2Day is glad to represent you a gorgeous lady Ekaterina

We are really glad to admit that there are many talented ladies in BeHappy2Day female catalogue. A lady with ordinary pictures and a common profile can turn out to be a really creative person with a rich inner world. We can proudly say so about one of our ladies Ekaterina from the city of Antratsit, Ukraine. She is glad to let you into her life telling you a bit more about herself and disclosing one of her passions to you. See her exclusive interview and photos here.
Jul 26, 2012

New and exciting 2-way Live Video Chat is available now!

Dear Be Happy Customers,

We are happy to announce release of 2-way Live Video Chat! This is a new and exciting feature that allows ladies to see you while using Live Video Chat. Make your on-line conversation absolutely special for your lady: show her your smile and vivid emotions, impress her and make her believe you are the one. Share the most sincere, intimate and astonishing moments while building you relationship with 2-way Live Video Chat!

May 28, 2012

1000th Live Video Chat

We are happy to announce that our 1000th Live Video Chat occurred last Sunday. In this occasion the lucky couple who participated in this Video chat Jason and Viktoria got a bonus from We were glad to present them with free extra 30 minutes of Video Chat. It contributed much into their relations.

Here is what Jason wrote to us:

“Hey, guys! Thanks so much for your services. I enjoyed the Video Chat with my Viktoria. It’s great that you gave me the opportunity to watch my lady while chatting to her. I can say that it helped us to go further in our relations. Thank you once again!”

Live Video Chat service was launched earlier in March at our site and gained its popularity quickly. 86% of our clients admit that Live Video chat is the easiest way to learn as much as possible about your lady as well as to see her. It gives you the idea of how your lady looks like in real life. So, do not hesitate to make the first step for your relations! Learn more here.

Mar 06, 2012

The major Russian women's holiday is coming very soon!

Dear BeHappy Customers,

Let us please remind you that the major Russian women's holiday is coming very soon!
The 8th of March is an International Women’s Day, it is widely celebrated in Russia and Ukraine; and each lady is in anticipation of this significant holiday.
For all the ladies from Russia and Ukraine it has become a national custom to get attention, gifts and compliments from men on this special holiday.

Thus we would recommend you not to forget to congratulate your lady and surprise her with a small gift. Traditionally, men present flowers and candies to their ladies. For your convenience we’ve updated Flower & Gift Delivery Service gallery to increase the number of possible gifts for you to choose from.

Anyway, if you do not consider pleasing your lady with a gift, do not forget to congratulate her by words and send her your best wishes – she will highly appreciate your attention and care!

* to congratulate your lady on the 8th of March you may use the following phrase: “I congratulate you on International Women’s Day and send you my best wishes!”

The 8th of March (Thursday) is an International Women’s Day!

Mar 05, 2012

Fantastic Live Video Chat is available now!

Dear BeHappy Customers,

Live Video Chat is an additional option that gives you a thrilling opportunity to see the live video of the lady you are currently chatting in Live Chat with. Thus apart from reading what she writes you being online in Live Chat, you will see her face, smile and reactions! Your online conversation with your favorite lady will become even more touching, intimate and unforgettable!

Feb 21, 2012

Major Russian Women's holiday

The 8th of March is an International women’s day which is widely celebrated in Russia and Ukraine. It is supposed to be one of the most significant holidays for Russian and Ukrainian women. You are welcome to find out more about this holiday at our 8th of March page.

You should remember that it is the very beginning of spring and the time when women want to feel special and loved. It is the most appropriate time to show your affection surprising your lady with a special gift. Flowers and chocolates are the order of the day to let her know how much you care.

We are also glad to suggest you multiple options to congratulate your lady on International women’s day. You may send her a congratulatory letter, make her a call with the help of our phone-call service, send her a real or a virtual gift using our gift delivery service, congratulate her personally using a video chat. Choose the most suitable option for you and do not miss your chance to show respect, appreciation and love towards your lady.

Feb 01, 2012

Valentine’s Day Gift Specials!

Valentine's Day is coming on February 14!

On this day people around the globe want to express their love and innermost feelings to their loved ones. Ladies put a lot of significance on this holiday and wait to receive gratifying signs of attention. Make an unforgettable impression to a lady by sending her flowers and chocolates with a note on this special day.

You can place your order by clicking on "Send a Gift" link in the lady's profile or by clicking on in your "Favorite Ladies" page. We’ve updated our Flowers & Gift Delivery Service and included ST. VALENTINE’S SPECIALS for your convenience.

We would appreciate if you order in advance so we can arrange the delivery on time! Thank you!

Dec 26, 2011

Russia’s 2 major holidays: New Year & Christmas Jan. 7th

Russia and Ukraine and gorgeous Russian and Ukrainian ladies have stepped into holiday season: New Year and Christmas, the biggest holidays in the above countries, are on its’ way!

New Year is the major holiday celebrated on the 31st of December and throughout many years it remains to be a dominating event for everyone in Russia and Ukraine. Holiday dinner is served before midnight and everyone waits to meet a new year. Right at midnight the most important clock in Russia (on Red Square) is shown on TV as it rings 12 times to announce the beginning of a New Year.

Another holiday that is no less important and also widely celebrated in Russia and Ukraine is Christmas. It is celebrated on the 7th of January as Russian and Ukrainian citizens are Orthodox Christians. This special day is full of joy and miracle expectations!

It is a popular tradition to give presents to everyone who surrounds you on New Year and Christmas. Small or big, a present is a gesture of appreciation and respect. Co-workers, family and friends give gifts to each other and enjoy receiving them.

Russian and Ukrainian women take New Year and Christmas holidays especially serious!

Being sensual, caring, loving and giving with you all the year round, your best Russian bride will love and appreciate you showing your feelings and attention on this special holiday season! Surprise her by sending a unique gift to let her know how much you care and love her.

With Gift Delivery Service it is easy to bring happiness, bright emotions and million of smiles to your special lady by giving a gift of flowers or box of chocolates.

We’ve updated our Gift Delivery Service to include more Christmas gifts and flowers for you to choose from.

We will be happy to deliver your warmth, affection and best wishes to your Special One!

Merry Christmas and have a great New Year holiday!

Nov 08, 2011

10,000th 3 way Phone Call at BeHappy2day

BeHappy2day is glad to announce that its 10,000th 3 way Phone Call was completed on November, 1.

Maria and Paul were the lucky couple who participated in this call got extra 30 minutes from BeHappy2day as a gift. Additional time contributed much to the development of their relationship.

Behappy2day phone call translation service brings people together. It has become a starting point in relations for many of our clients. Many of our customers say that a phone call with a lady can be a good start as well as a really productive continuation for any correspondence. It is the quickest way to exchange both information and emotions that cannot be expressed in one letter.

Do not hesitate to make a step to become closer to your lady! Try our phone call service right now!

Aug 03, 2011

Launching of exciting Live Chat and changes in credit system at BeHappy2day!

Dear BeHappy Customers,

New and exciting changes are coming to BeHappy2Day! Starting 3 Aug, you will be able to chat with your favorite girl instantly from your BeHappy account. Also, credit’s denomination is being changed to better accommodate current and future features. Look below for the details. Denomination of Credits (1 old=10 new)

Changes in Credit System

Starting 3 Aug new credit system will take place, changing your current credit balance by multiplying it by 10. Example:

If your current credit balance is 4 credits, then under the new system your credit balance is 40 credits

No action is required on your part, your credit balance will be automatically updated to the new system on 3 Aug.

Number of credits you purchase and number of credits it takes to read and send letters will also be affected in a similar way. Example:

Under old system you bought 2 credits, under new system you will buy 20 credits

  • 4 old credits = 40 new credits
  • 8 old credits = 80 new credits and etc.

Under old system you spent 1 credit to read or send a letter, under new system you will spend 10 credits to read or send a letter

As you can see, the new system only increases the number of credits you operate with.

The reason why we implement new credit denominations is to accommodate exciting new features like Live Chat and other future improvements to BeHappy website.

If you still have questions about how the new system works please don’t hesitate to ask us

Live Chat

Live Chat is the newest feature on BeHappy website. Using Live Chat you can chat with any lady who is currently online at website. It allows you to communicate with the ladies in a new and exciting way! Never before you had such an opportunity to meet and get to know new ladies instantly. Interactive nature of a chat will allow you to stand out and to better you chances in making a first impression on a beautiful single lady. Use Live Chat to keep in touch and develop your relationship further with your favorite girl.

Live Chat is very affordable! It costs 1 credit (under new credit system) for one minute of online conversation. Examples:

  • Chatting time of 4 minutes = 4 credits
  • Chatting time of 10 minutes = 10 credits
  • Chatting time of 15 minutes = 15 credits and so on.
We invite you to experience the fascinating world of Live Chat at! Give it a try today! All Online Ladies
Jul 25, 2011

We match loving hearts! New Success Story here!

Irina and Dave found each other with the help of Behappy2day on May 26th, 2011.

The agency gave a great support to Irina and Dave in correspondence and also organized their first meeting which led to a developing relationship between two people who were so different at first but became so close at the end.

Apr 15, 2011

Give yourself a Gift!

It’s no secret that if you want to win a lady’s heart you have to give her gifts. What do you usually get in return? A little kiss, maybe something more, but it’s something that you can’t use right now.

Behappy2day thinks of you and would like to offer you a useful gift. You deserve it and you can use it right away. Just order a gift for your favorite lady and get a gift in return!

Want more details?

Here it is. When you place an order for any gift for your lady $50 or more, you will receive 2 FREE credits to your account within 1 business day. If you prefer knocking your lady down with a luxurious present at the sum of more than $ 100 US then you will get 3 FREE credits to your account within 1 business day!

Let spring come into your lady’s heart along with you!

Feb 25, 2011

International Women’s day is approaching

The 8th of March is an International women’s day which is widely celebrated in Russia and Ukraine. It is supposed to be one of the most significant holidays for Russian and Ukrainian women. You are welcome to find out more about this holiday at our 8th of March page.

You should remember that it is the very beginning of spring and the time when women want to feel special and loved. It is the most appropriate time to show your affection surprising your lady with a special gift. Flowers and chocolates are the order of the day to let her know how much you care. On this occasion BeHappy Intl offers you 10% discount for all the gifts!

We are also glad to suggest you multiple options to congratulate your lady on International women’s day. You may send her a congratulatory letter, make her a call with the help of our phone-call service, send her a real or a virtual gift using our gift delivery service, congratulate her personally using a video chat. Choose the most suitable option for you and do not miss your chance to show respect, appreciation and love towards your lady.

Jan 17, 2011

BeHappy2day launches Virtual Gifts Service

Surprising your lady has become easier now with a wide range of Virtual Gifts at BeHappy2day. You have a great opportunity to let your lady know you are thinking of her without any words. Be it a bunch of roses or a diamond ring, candies or a teddy bear – the gift will help you to take her breath away. Delightful gifts are available to send to any lady from BeHappy2Day catalogue. Just make a few clicks and let her know how much you care!
Enjoy our Virtual Gifts service right now!
Dec 24, 2010

Christmas sale at!

Christmas holidays are coming. It’s the most wonderful and mysterious time when all of your dreams might come true! We wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thousands of the gorgeous ladies at our site send you their warm greetings and wish you to make all your dreams come true!

It’s a Christmas tradition to exchange gifts to show your love and care. We love our customers and are eager to present them with our special offer which will help them to meet their soul-mates. Hurry to make use of our present to realize your lady’s dream of seeing you in person.

Here and now book the custom romance tour to your lady’s home city and make a payment till January, 15. Then you will gain a splendid opportunity to get 10 % discount for the introduction service! And do not forget that along with it you will get the first interpreting hour spent with a lady for FREE!

But our presents do not stop here. On purchasing the tour to your lady’s city you will be granted with 32 FREE credits which we will very glad to add to your account within 24 hours after getting your payment!

And our clients coming to Tver can count on one gift more. Book your tour to Tver, make the payment till January, 15 and get the amazing 15 % discount for the European style apartment

You are welcome to reserve the custom romance tour through Customer Support and let us know the details of your trip.

Present your lady with your visit!

Dec 21, 2010

Christmas is back at BeHappy2Day

Christmas and New Year’s Day are the holidays everybody is waiting for. It is the time of magic and wonders. And it is the time for Christmas celebrations at BeHappy2day. The most alluring and gorgeous Russian brides are glad to present their fabulous Xmas pictures to you! Accept their greatest wishes of happiness and love in 2011!

Dec 09, 2010

Logging in has become easier!

We are glad to inform our clients that we constantly work on making our system more convenient, faster and more user-friendly. We always do our best to meet our clients’ needs and demands and are happy to let them know about a new feature at our site.

It goes without saying that it’s really hard to keep in mind login numbers whereas we always remember our e-mail addresses. Now, thanks to the new option at our site you can log in using your email address. All you need to do is to type in your e-mail address, which is registered in our system, and your password.

Behappy2day is glad to remind you that you are also welcome to change your password for the one you can easily memorize.

So, right now logging in to our site has become as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just enter your e-mail in the “Login” field and your changed password into the “Password” box and enjoy a more convenient authorization process.

Improvements on Behappy2day do not stop, we have many new things in store for our customers and are waiting for your suggestions through customer support.

Nov 18, 2010

SALE! All Gifts are now 10% OFF!

SALE! All Gifts are now 10% OFF!

Russian women LOVE to receive flowers! This is your chance to show your lady how special she is to you. Surprise her with Roses or send her box of sweets, either way she will be flattered! Don’t forget to add PHOTO DELIVERY to capture her smile at the moment she gets her gift.

Starting today and until January 1st, 2011 all gifts are 10% OFF.

Small gift will go a long way! To order click on “Send a Gift” link in Lady’s profile.
Nov 01, 2010

SALE! FREE credits are available!

Russian brides love getting letters. This is your chance to show your lady how much you value your relationships with her. Behappy2day is glad to help you by giving away FREE credits! Purchase 50 credits between November 1st and 10th and we will be very happy to add 5 credits to your account for FREE within 24 hours!

Hurry up to use this opportunity to get FREE credits to correspond with women and to find the lady of your dreams! This offer is available for you only for 10 days, starting on the 1st of November and ending on the 10th of November.

Oct 28, 2010

Get the chance to date your lady!

Behappy2day offers its clients a unique opportunity to find their soul-mates! We now feature a new DATE ME option, using which you can order a date with a lady of your dreams. If you are thinking about meeting her, it is the time to start making preparations.

You are welcome to click the DATE ME link in the profile of your lady and you will get a chance to meet her. You will be forwarded to Customer Support where you can let us know the ID number of the lady whom you would like to meet and the dates of your trip.

Please keep in mind that this should take place in a woman’s home city, meaning you are supposed to come to the lady’s country at least for the first meeting. Behappy2day will make sure your trip will go as smoothly as possible, we have our interpreters to take care of you 24/7. We will be very glad to arrange the first date for you and the lady and to provide you with our services of transportation, interpretation and introduction.

Don’t wait to use this opportunity to make the dream meeting with your lady come true and to find out whether she is the one for you!

Oct 27, 2010

Get another look at your lady!

Get to know your lady from a new angle! Behappy2day is adding more videos in profiles every day! Now, some women may have up to 4 videos on their page. Additional videos will help you to learn even more about your favorite lady. Use this unique opportunity to discover her personality and character. Find all Ladies with Videos and enjoy getting to know more about them.
Oct 04, 2010

Do you want FREE credits?

Do you want FREE credits? Now you can get FREE credits and meet new beautiful ladies! Here is how:

Send at least 7 letters in one week and we will add 2 FREE credits to your account. You can write once per day to any lady at our site or you can send all letters on one day. It doesn’t matter because in any case 2 FREE credits will be added to your account every week. Just let us know through Customer Support that you have written 7 letters or more to women during a week and we will be very happy to add 2 FREE credits to your account!

Moreover, Behappy2day features a new bonus system! If you get 8 FREE credits within 4 weeks we will be very happy to grant you with 2 FREE credits more!

Hurry up to catch this unique opportunity which starts on October, 4 and ends on October, 31!

Sep 21, 2010

1000th video conference completed!

On April, 30, 2009 we featured a new option on Behappy2day – video call conferences. Today we are happy to inform you about that we completed the 1000th video call conversation. We congratulate Mark R., USA and are very glad to offer him 10 FREE minutes for the next video call conversation. Please read what he tells about his experience!

Quote: “I frequently use the video introduction service as it enables me to see my lovely Elena though I am hundred kilometers away from her. I couldn’t describe my excitement when I saw her through a web cam for the first time. And though we video talk to each other every week I still feel very much excited about it. I am very thankful to Behappy2day for their great service and assistance in making Elena and me happy!”

Behappy2day reminds you that Video Call lets you see your lady live while talking to her, makes you closer to each other and gives very good background for your further relationships with her. All you need is the fast internet connection, webcam and a microphone. With our help you will be connected to your lady via a video link and be able to see each other while talking at the same time.

Video Call gives you a unique opportunity to get to know your lady closer. See her reactions while she is talking to you. Video Call is a next best thing to meeting each other in person.

The price is $4.99 US per minute with 10 minutes minimum purchase. You will be charged for at least 10 minutes of use, even if the video session does not last that long. If you exceed 10 minutes, we will bill you for the remaining balance later. $ 50 US refundable deposit is required.

We are offering this new service at the introductionary price of $3.99 US, but the discounted offer will not last long. Reserve your Video Call today!

Sep 13, 2010

HAPPY WEEK has begun!

Your communication with a lady goes well, everything seems to work so wonderful for you and her. But suddenly it turns out that you have run out of credits and you do not have any opportunity to write to the lady of your dreams or read her letter whereas you want to let her know how much you care for her!

What an unpleasant situation! But with our incredible bonus you won’t find yourself in it! HAPPY WEEK is on you! Purchase 50 credits during September, 12-19 and we will be very happy to add 5 FREE credits to your account within 24 hours! Just imagine how many wonderful letters you can write or get with us!

This offer is available for you starting since September, 12 and lasting till September, 19. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain 5 FREE credits!

Aug 25, 2010

Meet Latina Brides at BeHappy2Day

BeHappy2Day is growing! Now you can find beautiful single ladies from South America at More choices mean more opportunity for you to discover someone special. Don’t be afraid to expand your horizons and meet our new Latina members! See Latina Brides

We would like to remind you that every lady on our website goes through vigorous verification process, which ensures quality of our service.

Mar 30, 2010

April 1st is a day celebrated throughout Russia.

Also known as April Fool's Day, April 1st is a day that is celebrated with practical jokes and hoaxes.

Russian people enjoy playing jokes on friends, co-workers and family. Even national TV and radio stations join in and broadcast fake funny news within their regular broadcast. Jokes last all day long and should be revealed by the end of the day. Don’t forget to create your own hoax for April 1st and be on lookout for others to fool you!

Feb 25, 2010

International Women's Day

Dear BeHappy customers,

As soon as we get through our favorite (smile) holiday Valentine ’s Day, there is another big day coming up: 8th of March is almost here.

For those of you who are familiar with this big Russian holiday we should not remind you how important it is to remember to wish your best wishes and share how you feel to that certain lady.

If you are new to Russian culture, we invite you to visit our 8th of March page to learn more about this major Russian women’s holiday.

This holiday is more important than Valentine’s Day, Christmas or New Year to Russian women. Majority of them rate this as second important holiday after birthday. DO NOT FORGET: Appreciation note, message or a phone call along with flowers is a must!