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Jay, the USA, and Alexandra, the Ukraine

Jay and AlexandraNo­body can imagine how won­der­ful for­eign men are!

I re­al­ized this as soon as I met Jay. Pri­or to meet­ing him, I’d had an un­pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence with a class­mate who came to study in Kiev. It turned out he just want­ed just that – a place to stay.

I was shocked. Jay sup­port­ed me as best as he could, lift­ing me out of the swamp I felt sub­merged in and giv­ing me a new lease on life. He was send­ing me won­der­ful gifts, beau­ti­ful flow­ers, and of course we had un­for­gettable meet­ings.

We saw each other reg­u­lar­ly as Jay could trav­el a lot due to hav­ing his own busi­ness, and hav­ing a busi­ness part­n­er who he could trust…

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Geoff, Australia

I honestly always wanted to meet a woman that was unique and different from what I was used to. When I met Kristina, I felt she was nothing like the women I had met in the past. Being from another country, she was raised in a totally different culture. Having two different backgrounds is one of the key reasons why we were compatible. Like me, she wanted to explore different cultures so we’ve had…

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Marius, Norway

I have not been here long but I do not regret about choosing this site. Behappy2day attracted me with its user-friendly interface. The site is simple to use and it is what I love about it. I don’t like just talking as I prefer, so to say, a live interaction and that’s why I particularly like Video chat. I see my lady’s smile and immediate response to what I write her. It means a…

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Mark, The USA, Michigan

With so many beautiful women on your site, I honestly kept telling myself that there was no way I could find one woman that I could spend the rest of my life with. Since I was new to the world of online dating, I didn’t know the process and I had no clue of the many features available on BeHappy2Day. Daria proved to me that it was possible to meet a woman that would…

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Anatolios, Greece

I would like to share my experience on this site. Two months ago I was busy searching for a nice lady to start a serious relationship with. And I came across the profile of some beautiful blond. I could not resist such a beauty and added her to my favorites. The lady turned out to be not only extremely beautiful but also a versatile and many-sided person. I thought I couldn’t fall in love…

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Claud, Switzerland, and Lyudmila, the Ukraine

Claud and LyudmilaI first met Claud at the start of the year. From the very beginning of our communication, I was surprised why such a nice man was still not married. It was a pleasure to talk with him, he was cheerful, positive, and he always tried to understand me, support me and give efficient advice.

We really enjoyed talking, so we decided to meet. Claud came to me in a couple of days and we spent a wonderful time together. We walked a lot, we visited all of the lovely parks and landmarks in Kiev. We even visited the animal fair, where Claud decided to leave a piece of himself with me and bought me a cute little dog. I was incredibly happy…

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Ben, Canada

I’m the quiet type and I never really had a serious relationship with a woman. I figured my best bet would be to find a website and attempt to meet someone that way. I made a few stops at some other dating sites, prior to BeHappy2Day. I communicated with a number of different women, but there was something different about the women that I met on BeHappy2Day. Before I knew it, I was interacting…

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Antoine, France

I have to admit that when I started searching for my soulmate on the internet I doubted if I would ever find it. Although I knew that one of my friends got married a woman he met on a dating site. My search lasted 2 years with no results and I even thought about giving up a try. Then Alina wrote me and we really got interested in one another. She was very feminine…

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Oz, Australia

Thank you for taking it one step further with your blog. Even though there are a ton of beautiful single women to choose from, it’s still great to have access to some much-needed advice. I just want to say that the blog has been very beneficial for me. I was out of the dating scene for a while, so I needed that extra advice to clean off the dust. Your tips helped me gain…

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Fabrizio, Italy

Thanks to the site I have met a woman of my dream! I came to a spontaneous decision to organize our first date and it was excellent! She was a real lady and she carried herself like a queen. We had a great time visiting museums and simply walking in the parks, even though it was winter and the weather was really cold. Those days were unforgettable. I cannot describe how happy I am…

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