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Angelina from the Ukraine and Ray from Sweden

I met Ray, when I didn't expect it honestly. He answered me when I didn't have any hope that we would find so much in common. We have the same sense of humor. I found it one of the most important things. When people are laughing from each other's jokes they become closer. It was even more unexpected to hear that very soon he would be in my country. Day by day we started to talk more and more and now I don't know how to spend the day without my dear friend. We spent amazing evenings in Kiev. Walking and talking a lot was so easy like we had known each other for many years before this meeting. I found this man extremely interesting. In addition he is a real gentleman…

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Gabriel, France

Hello from France! Me and my wife Maria are sending warm regards to Behappy2day team! I am so grateful to the site for bringing us together, Maria is everything I want in a woman. Thanks, guys, you deserve much praise.

Bayon from Greece and Evgenia from the Ukraine

It was so unexpected and wonderful for me to meet Bayon, my Greek man. From the first letters I understood that we could have so much in common. After several chats I believed in the power of the Internet. The communication was easy and very interesting. We discussed a lot of topics. I did not believe in a real meeting because of a bad experience in the past. But one day he proposed to come to the Ukraine for dinner. Of course I was laughing and did not accept his words in a serious way but he really came! Our first meeting was arranged by the agency and took place in Kharkov. I was nervous a little but a professional translator that was with me helped us very much to overcome that first border and start to feel comfortable. We laughed a lot and felt that we had known each other for ages…

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Robert, the USA, California

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at BeHappy2Day for the help and support in building my relationship with Anna. I was a shy man and had no idea where to begin but thanks to the advice and help I received, I’m now in a relationship that is happy, real and loving. I’ve been able to be romantic and attentive despite the distance between us and I’ve managed to impress…

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Victor from Florida, USA and Anastasia from Moscow, Russia

It was the second meeting of Nastya and Victor. Victor first came to Moscow in summer 2016. Before that the lady and the man had correspondence and were interested to meet each other.

The man and the lady had a meeting, that was very successful and they decided to continue communicating and meet again soon. Through the whole year they were exchanging letters, their news and the things that happened in their lives. Both were…

So, Victor arrived in Moscow again in summer 2017. This time they spent more time together, and this meeting helped them to get to know each other better…

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Antonio, Italy

Four years ago I was a divorced unhappy man. Joining Behappy2Day was a great step to my happiness, but I didn’t realize it then. I thought I would just have fun chatting with beautiful women. But it didn’t work out the way I thought. Well, because now, four years later, I am a happily-married man, as thanks to Behappy2Day I found my treasure, my Oksana. I am very grateful to this site.

Waldemar from Germany and Elena from the Ukraine

My story is very romantic and similar to the plot of a movie! I hesitated for a long time, refused to register on the dating site. I did not believe that it is real to find true love on the Internet! But, thanks to the professional work of the staff of my agency and the administration of the site, I was surprised to realize that everything is absolutely real and possible! The agency staff helped me, I was surrounded by qualified support with translations, organization of meetings and assistance with documents. I could ask for any help, at any time of the day! My Waldemar came to meet me two months after we had found each other! We felt the attraction to each other immediately!…

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William, the UK

Why did I sign up for an online dating site that encourages relationships with a woman thousands of miles away? Because I wanted to meet the perfect lady- a lady that wasn’t like so many in the UK. I wanted someone who had similar values to me, who believed in monogamy, the importance of family and warmth and affection. I have met several ladies that agreed with these principles and enjoyed developing friendships with women from…

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Akio, Japan

Hello, dear team! Wish me a good flight! All the things are packed and I am ready to leave for Ukraine! I can’t believe I will meet my Maria and hold her hand just in two days. Thank you, BeHappy2Day, for all the arrangements and support. I hope everything will go well!

Bill, New Jersey, the USA

Having ‘played the field’ for years, I really felt that I would struggle to meet an ideal match and enjoy a long-lasting relationship. How wrong I was! BeHappy2Day has allowed me to meet the most fantastic ladies and I’ve found one very special woman. This site works hard to support all users and promotes safety and skillful use, meaning that all singles can enjoy a professional and fun opportunity. From video chat to translation tools, it…

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