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Juliya and Tahir

Every "love story" is unique and mine is no exception. My heart started to beat faster and louder when I read his first letter. He asked to meet me and after our first date we became good friends. Some people say that FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN a man and a woman DOES NOT EXIST but this is not true. It is very important to be a good friend to your partner. I am ready for a serious…

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Yulia and Gary


Hello! I am Yulia.

I felt that it was time to change things in my life so I decided to register on this site. And you know, I do not regret my decision at all. I met a very interesting man here called Gary. We didn’t talk for very long but we both felt like we had known each other for ages! I felt so good with him. He is a well-mannered and…

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Jana and Jim

Good afternoon! My name is Jana.

What if your destiny is waiting for you here? What if you must just register on this site to find happiness? I thought about this for a long time and then decided to give it a try. And you know, I’m very happy that I did.

I met a very nice man here. His name is Jim and from the very first moment we met here on the…

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Philipp, US

Lisa and I will be married in just a few weeks’ time. Neither of us thought our pursuit of love on a dating site would be successful – how could we both be so wrong. I had only a few false starts before chatting with Lisa – and even those brief relationships with others were fun. However, the true brilliance of the site comes when you find someone you love and want to spend the rest of…

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Ksenia and Victor

Hello you guys! I am Ksenia!

If you ever doubted whether you should try to find love on the Internet, this message is for you! I registered on this site because I came to realise that limiting myself to something is not entirely good. The same can be said about love - when we confine ourselves only to our own city, we do not know what we could find beyond its borders. I registered here and…

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Julia and Greg

Hello-hello! My name is Julia. I'm from Ukraine. I am writing these words so that I can thank this website and all its employees for the wonderful work they do for lonely hearts every day! It’s so good that we live in the 21st century and have the opportunity to meet people who live so far away! The Internet gives us unlimited opportunities and I believe that it is very important to…

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Vic and Anna

Good day to you all!

I’m here to tell you about my date with a nice man called Vic.

When we met each other on this site we didn’t waste any time at all in long correspondence and decided to meet for real! He came to visit me! I was amazed by Vic and his determination and male charisma! He is a real man! We spent two wonderful days together. He is very…

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Karl, Germany

This dating site is the best in my experience. Customer-friendly, good services and the best ladies in Eastern Europe. Sorry for you, guys, the best of the best has just left the market as I am coming to Russia and taking her home to Bremen. But you will surely find your happiness here!

Irina and Greg

Hello to you all! My name is Irina and I was that sort of person who for a long time was “afraid” of online dating. But then I decided that we only live once which means that life should not hold any fears or unnecessary preconceptions. That was the moment when I finally decided to put my profile on this site. 

Soon I met Greg - a man who turned out to be a very kind…

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Anastasia and Murray

Good afternoon! My name is Anastasia. 

In this letter I want to tell you about my meeting with a very nice man called Murray. We hadn’t been corresponding for very long but we decided to meet each other as soon as possible. Our meeting was very nice with some tender moments. Murray is such a kind and polite man and from the minute we met I was amazed by him! I have never met…

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