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Luis, Portugal

What is better in current life situation than to have an online relationship? She is in Odessa, I am in Porto, but we are still together - thanks to you and your wonderful site!

Julia and Vic

Hello dear friends! My name is Julia.

Sometimes before making a choice, we very much doubt whether it will be worth it or not, we often think - will I get hurt? But, in the end, any step we take is a step forward, it all counts as experience after all.

On this site I met a very nice man whose name is Vic. We talked for a while and then decided to meet because we…

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Svetlana and Edmond

Hello dear friends! My name is Svetlana. I live in Kiev, itís in Ukraine.

Here I want to tell you my story of my meeting with a handsome man, Edmond. Did I know Edmond? I didnít know him at all!!! We did not have any correspondence! Just one chat! Can you imagine?? And when he asked me to meet him, I said yes I would be pleased to meet such a man. When…

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Damien, New Zealand

Iíve been a member of this site for about 8 months now. And itís been great. Iíve had fun chatting to a number of different ladies, and thatís really all I expected to come of it. But during the last couple of months Iíve become pretty close to one very special woman and Iím actually excited to check my email every day. We talk about so many things and…

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Lilia and Javier

You never know where and when you will meet your destiny. Every love story is so special and ours is no exception. I had been searching for my other half on the site for some time. It was just a normal day when I received a letter from Javier and I could never have imagined that he would become the man in my life. We corresponded for a long time and not a single day…

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Robert, Poland

I wanted to fly to see Kristina but I had to put it off for now. Hopefully, this quarantine won't last long and this site will organize a fantastic meeting for us. Meanwhile, chats and letters here! Thank you for helping us in this hard time!

Rick and Yuliia

Good afternoon, dear friends! My name is Yuliia. I live in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Today I returned home from my date with Rick! I am in a great mood so I decided to describe my impressions straight away!

Although I am relatively new to BeHappy2day, I can already say with confidence that a real team of professionals works here! I thank the site administration and my local agency for the excellent organization of…

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Solomia and Peter

Hello everyone! My name is Solomia. Today I want to share my story with you. I am quite a determined girl and Iím not used to wasting time thinking about things for too long. Therefore, my decision to register my profile was quick. Numerous positive reviews about this facility from my friends and acquaintances also served to persuade me!

I soon became convinced of the veracity of my friendsí stories! During the first week…

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Dominic, Australia

I was never any good at dating. Iím not one of those guys who can just walk up to a girl and ask for her number. BeHappy2Day gave me a chance to get to know some awesome girls without the pressure of that face to face confrontation. We chatted, we had phone calls and then I met Elena. It all felt so real and natural that suddenly I found myself thinking that maybe something…

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John and Fang

John and Fang met on our site last year and have now been together for almost 12 months. Congratulations!

John is from the UK. He comes from a big family with five brothers and three sisters who have all loved each other since they were born so he is a very happy man with a lot of confidence. After two failed relationships, he was kind of tired of western women so decided he wanted to…

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