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Lera and Alan

I met the man who has made me hap­py here! And I want to tell you our love sto­ry!

At first I just looked at his pho­tos and dreamed about our first re­al date. Then I saw he was avai­l­able to chat to so I wrote to him just say­ing “Hel­lo, su­gar". I re­mem­ber that day so well. I am re­al­ly glad…

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Rolly and Shan

This is Rol­ly from the USA. He had been on our dat­ing site for some time where he had met a few ladies. He had of­ten been to Chi­na to meet ladies and each time he visit­ed, he had a very good feel­ing about Chi­na and the peo­ple here. This con­vinced him to find a Chi­nese lady to be his part­n­er.

He said…

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Josh, USA

Ah man, I found my perfect gal right here on your site! I was so bored of speaking to the same types of women that I thought I’d give your website a try – how happy am I that I did?! I’ve spent many hours speaking to women from Ukraine, Russia and even Asia. It’s been an adventure!
I had only been using the website for a matter of weeks when I spotted…

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Valeriya and Mahmoud

I don't re­al­ly know why but in my small town I could not find a man who I could love with all my heart. I nev­er thought I would find some­one so spe­cial on-line ei­ther. I know he was very sur­prised when I wrote to him and we be­gan to talk. I loved our time to­gether on-line. It was easy and in­ter…

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Alina and Dominique

I am so hap­py and I want to tell you the rea­son for my hap­pi­ness. We met on­line two months ago and spent some re­al­ly won­der­ful time to­gether. It was in­ter­est­ing to talk about dif­fer­ent things and to dream to­gether. And from that time we re­alised that we want­ed to be with each other. We both un…

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Gunter, Austria

Never married, no children, I used to think that I wasn’t made for love and family. This site changed my mind and my life completely! I came here just for fun to spend some time while sitting at home and treating my broken leg. Yana had photos with her cats, I started a chat and sent her a photo of my cat. A year and a half later we live together with our three…

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Elena and Eril

My name is Ele­na, I am from Ukraine and I would like to share my ex­pe­ri­ence here with you. I want to en­cour­age any­one who doubts whether on­line dat­ing does or does not work.

First let me tell you why I came here to find a man. Ev­er since I was young I dreamt of trav­elling and vis­it­ing all six conti­nents…

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Oksana and David

I have been mar­ried but we have since di­vorced. To be hon­est I was ex­treme­ly scep­ti­cal about on-line dat­ing but my daugh­ter told me about this ser­vice and helped me to sub­mit my pro­file. She helped me to be­lieve that I did still have a chance to find hap­pi­ness.

I met an in­ter­est­ing man quite quick…

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Stephen, USA

You go through life meeting some interesting people but meeting that one special girl can be a real challenge! No more!
I signed up to BeHappy2Day in the hope of finding a nice Slavic lady. I have always admired their beauty, determination, and independence. It’s so different from American girls. In summer 2018, I met my special girl. Her name is Sasha – she’s changed my life.
Thank you to everyone involved with this…

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Mianna and Han

Love is pow­er­ful and un­pre­dictable. I have al­ways be­lieved in this and had wait­ed for such a mo­ment to hap­pen in my life. And it did hap­pen. Maybe it was destiny be­cause I re­ceived the first let­ter on Va­len­tine's Day.

I even­tu­al­ly met the man of my dreams in re­al life but be­fore that…

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