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Dennis and Julia

Good af­ter­noon! Greet­ings from the ci­ty of Hadera in Is­rael! I want to share my hap­pi­ness with you! There are a lot of dif­fer­ent and con­flict­ing opinions about dat­ing sites but here is my love sto­ry! My hap­py sto­ry! How I met my destiny!

Al­though I had used the site for sev­er­al years, I nev­er lost hope of suc­cess. I was sure I would meet my man here and, as al­ways, hap­pi­ness comes along un­ex­pect­ed­ly. This par­tic­u­lar day was no dif­fer­ent from a dozen other days but then I re­ceived a mes­sage from a man… I opened his pro­file… and it was like a thun­der­bolt! I phys­i­cal­ly felt Cu­pid’s ar­row pierc­ing my heart!…

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Robin, Belguim

Hi BeHappy2Day! I am in my late 40’s but I fell in love like a school-boy! My Marina is beautiful, understanding, intelligent… I just don’t have enough words to describe my admiration! Valentine's Day is coming very soon and I’ve already chosen a romantic gift on the site for her. But the best is yet to come, as I am going to visit her in Ukraine this spring!

Peter and Ekaterina

I met Peter here, on this site. At the time I was so busy at work that I didn’t really use my account very much so his message came as a surprise. Over the next few weeks, we enjoyed communicating with each other and then, one day, I was astonished when he told me he was here in Kiev and wanted to meet me. I was so excited about meeting him.

Peter was a really interesting person. He took me to a lovely restaurant in Kiev and we talked all evening. He was such a gentleman, so caring and he gave me some very beautiful flowers. It was such a lovely surprise to meet someone like Peter, it’s hard to meet a person like him in ordinary daily life here…

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Adam, Ireland

I have worked abroad for several years and so I’ve not been able to commit myself fully to a relationship. Instead, I’ve settled for lonely nights in and catching up with friends whenever I’m home.

I signed up to BeHappy2Day so that I could chat with women from parts of the world that I’d travelled to and not be restricted by restaurant opening times or worry that my work…

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Tommy and Angela

Like many fate­ful meet­ings, my ac­quain­tance with Tom­my be­gan quite by ac­ci­dent. One night when I couldn’t sleep I de­cid­ed to look at the pro­files of men on the site. I was in­vit­ed to chat by a very nice man who in­vit­ed me to cof­fee!

That night! It turned out that he was in my ci­ty. There was no end to my sur­prise. At the time I had not learned to speak En­glish so the trans­la­tor agreed to help me. Of course, this was a re­al ad­ven­ture but I de­cid­ed to take a chance!

We met. We spent a won­der­ful hour and a half to­gether! We chatt­ed, we held hands, we laughed. We were so excit­ed to meet each other and we met again the next day which was Tom­my’s last day in Niko­laev.

It was a month be­fore…

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Andreas, Norway

BeHappy2Day put an end to my bachelor life and I have no regrets! I still can’t believe Julia said “Yes”! to my marriage proposal! Words cannot express how grateful I am to the site!

Peter, Canada

I wanted to meet a new lady after I retired but I was reluctant to start dating within my small social circle and so I signed up to BeHappy2Day. I’d travelled to Ukraine and Russia with work and I knew that the women in this area were striking as well as interesting.

I took my time in getting to know the site and the ladies and I used to…

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Lukas, Germany

Hi! As a former member of Behappy2Day I would be glad to give my feedback. I am already not that young and I hate wasting my time on flirting around. So my only goal on the site was to find a decent Russian woman for marriage. And guess what - within the space of five months, I met my lady and we had a date in real life.


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Karl and Olga

This is a story about true love, understanding that no matter how far, distance is not a barrier for two people who are in love.

This is a story about true love, understanding that no matter how far, distance is not a barrier for two people who are in love.

This story began in 2009 when I registered with a dating agency. A few months passed and, although I met many good and interesting men, there was no spark. And then one day I logged onto the website and a man invited me to chat.

We began to talk often, almost every day. We shared secrets, news, everything that happened in our lives. Our chats were so interesting; we always had things to talk about. We discussed politics and science too.…

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Jerry, Canada

Single for ten years, desperate for company, determined to break my bad luck in love but absolutely lost as to where to begin! Thank goodness I found BeHappy2Day.com because everything has changed and all within two months of signing up. I’ve chatted to several ladies via the site and met one woman who I can’t stop thinking about.

I have to say that the advice that is offered by…

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