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Brian, Denver

Hello! I want to thank BeHappy2day for your professional service today. My interpreter was Kate. I want to thank her for helping Alisa and I to understand the words in our different language. I do not speak Russian and Kate did a wonderful job in translating for me. Again, thank you so much for making my life more complete and rewarded for having BeHappy in my life.

David, Los Angeles

Dear Customer Support!

Thank you for your information. You were really quite patient with me and gave me the detailed answer to all my questions. It’s my pleasure to work with you as I find your service excellent and very helpful. I am sure that I will be lucky to find my future wife through your system.

David from Los Angeles

Tina and Ian

This couple had gone through many things before they finally found each other. Tina is a very mature and very good looking lady. She was rather successful living in Russia. Her daughter was in Moscow and the only one thing she lacked was women’s happiness. Ian is also a mature and active man, who was very determined about his search. He was rather stable and his life was practically complete but…
In spite of…

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Robert, Michigan

Hi guys!

I can’t express my feelings which I get when reading the ladies’ letters. I have heard that Russian women are not only beautiful but also intelligent and the responses, which I get from the ladies I am writing to, give the greatest proof to this fact. These letters leave me without words and the beauty of the women leaves me breathless. Thank you for the sunshine which your outstanding service brings into my life.

Stephen, Perth

Hi to the Behappy team, especially Ekaterina,Alisa and Evgenia.

I wish to thank you all for the great help and service you provided on my recent trip to Tver, I found everyone to be really helpful and friendly. I really felt that I was "one of the family" while I was there.

My interpreter Genia was fantastic and we got on very well together. Ekaterina and Alisa were always welcoming with smiles whenever I walked into the office. If…

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Myron and Ekaterina

I was a member of Be Happy Agency since summer 2002. I met my future husband at social event which was held with the assistance of Be Happy Agency at “4 Rooms” nightclub in Moscow. Our meeting was accidental on the 14th of August, 2004, when I went to the social just to accompany my friends.

Some time later my future husband came to visit me in Tver. I showed him the city and we got to…

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Gary, Carolina

Hello to everybody!

Thank you for organizing the video call with my Elena, it’s really appreciated! We talked to her over the phone before but the video chat is quite a different thing. I can’t express how much excited I was before and after our video talk. Hearing my Lena’s voice was great but watching her through a web cam was just wonderful, amazing and fantastic! She looks so gorgeous and I could even see her…

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Charles, London

Hello Be Happy!

Frankly speaking, when I got registered at your site I was a little bit suspicious about the ladies. It’s an open secret that there are scam agencies and I had my own doubts, even when I began writing to the ladies. But the fact that I talked to Oksana through the video conference made everything so much clearer. It made me desire meeting her as soon as possible and I will definitely use…

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Joe, Perth

Hello Ekaterina!

I would like to pass my special thanks to the interpreter who assisted during the video call yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn’t see her but I would like to thank her for the incredible work she did. Maria and I felt very comfortable talking to each other though at the very beginning we were a little bit awkward looking at each other through a web-cam. But Maria’s voice and smile and beautiful face filled the…

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Pierre, France

Dear Be Happy!

I met Luda from Kharkov. We had a very enjoyable night out on the town. Lyudmila is very pleasant and very bright. She is very determined, and I enjoyed her presence and wit. It was one of the most wonderful experiences in my life and I am really looking forward to seeing her again. This time around we plan a trip to France, where she will have a chance to visit my home and meet my family and…

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