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Tarek, Tunisia

I always knew that Russian ladies and, in general, women of Slavic origin are distinguished with  their fantastic beauty. And I had a chance to experience it by myself with BeHappy2Day! Thanks to your video call service I enjoyed viewing 2 wonderful ladies from Poltava, Ukraine! 


Robert, Hawaii, the USA

When I was looking around at dating sites, one thing really made me stand up and take notice and that was the romance tours on behappy2day.com. I had never seen anything like it before and thought what a great idea. For me it was ideal, not to mention all the other great features they have like video chat, phone introductions and even arranging accommodation. Superb site, lovely ladies, what more could you ask for.

Hansi, Romania

I’d like to thank BeHappy2Day team for arranging a marvelous romance tour to Kiev, Ukraine! I just had some chat with Olga on your site when I realized I couldn’t live further without seeing her real! And it came true for me just in a week!

Joni, the UK

As a single guy for too long now, I decided I needed help. I had a look around online and liked the look of behappy2day.com. It had everything I was looking for, plenty of lovely †ladies waiting to talk to me, I couldn't wait! I joined about a month ago and have really enjoyed talking to lots of ladies. I am going to try the date a lady feature on the site very soon as…

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Dimitris, Cyprus

I was always a bit shy about this dating stuff. When I was younger it was much harder to date a girl, to call her, to do the first step, you know, as we didn’t have modern devices. But now you can control the whole process, and with the help of  behappy2day now I have lots of opportunities to meet my special one!

Jeremy, California, the USA

When it comes to dating sites, behappy2day.com was made for me. I love Russian women and this website had loads of them, all single and eager to talk. The one feature I really liked was the date a lady feature which made a real difference. I was able to arrange a meeting, through the website, and it went really well. 

Frank, Belgium

I would like to express my approval on the work of behappy2day staff. It’s really fantastic to get to know your special one online and then move to actual relationship! We gonna get married soon!  

Henk, Belgium

I’m very grateful to behappy2day team for their help! To be honest, I’ve never done such things before, so it was quite unusual to chat with a girl whom I didn’t know. But I found it very easy and interesting to communicate with a foreign lady, I hope it will transform into something really special!

Ville, Finland

I’d like to thank behappy2day.com team for your help and support in such a difficult thing – finding your special one, your destiny. I could never think that I would choose such way of looking for a girl. But it turned out to be amazing experience for me. Flower & gift delivery service allowed me to make a present for my lady. And it works, really! Great thanks to all of you! 

Jörgen, Sweden

Being a member of BeHappy2day gives you many opportunities. You can not only send letters to any ladies and receive answers from them, but also you get access to extra photos and videos of the girls. I like watching videos of the women I am chatting with. That is how I understand that they are real ladies and not scammers.