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Jack, the Netherlands

††††††Hi Irina,

†††† I was home at 4.30 your local time and since then I have only slept 12 hours in total (in 3 nights) and I'm still smiling because I've met the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. She's both beautiful in as outside!! That is rare to find anywhere these days.

†††† We agreed that she will come over to the Netherlands for 2 weeks in the beginning of August so I'm very busy with arranging the necessary paperwork.…

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Victor, Florida

††††††The American Representative is great! He made me feel like family. He was extremely helpful and his advice was right on! I would not have been able to have the great time that I had without his help and advice.

†††† The Interpreters also were the best! They also were extremely helpful and professional. I kept forgetting that English was not there native language. The Be Happy staff was also great! Very helpful and professional. They also…

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Vince, Utah

      My experience in Tver was absolutely great and the staff at the Be Happy agency are truly an outstanding group of people. They went out of their way to make sure I was taken care of, comfortable, and happy. I have nothing but the highest regards for Yaroslav and his staff and can't say a single bad thing about the agency. And on a scale of 1-5 a give them a 10.

Vince from Utah.

Vegard, Norway

How are you? I am very happy today back in Norway. But I was sad to leave Tver.I almost had tears in my eyes sitting at the airport in Moscow. I miss you and behappy2day. This trip meant alot to me. Seems to me that you love listening to music like me. I remember looking at you singing and dancing in your chair. It's just perfect that a happy girl like you work at Behappy2day. I…

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Stephen, Vancouver

††††††It was a long flight or I should say several flights back to the United States and it took about a week to get used to the time change but now things are pretty back to normal. I had a wonderful visit and time in Tver. I appreciate your accomodating me and helping me in and around a wonderful place. Your agency was very helpful in making everything go smoothly. I want to especially let you know how wonderful Yaffa…

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Tarek, California

††††††To my friends at Be Happy!
Dear Yaroslav,

†††† Thank you for the opportunity to make it possible for a man lives 6000 miles away to meet great Russian girls and feel at home. You organization and people are dedicated and deserve a lot of complements. People are the core strength of any organization and you certainly have that. Please let Yaffa " my little darling" and Irena know that I loved their company and I miss them very much. I…

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Carlos, California

††††††CaliforniaDear Agency,

†††† I arrived at Tver on Thanksgiving week on what appeared to be the first snow storm of the Russian winter, i was tired and confused, so my expectations were less than optimistic. The Be Happy agency changed all that and my perceptions of Russia, from the time i met my interpreter at the airport to the ride back to Moscow it was the best service and hospitality anyone can get , the Russian people are…

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David, Minnesota

††††††Originally my plan was not to go to Tver. I was going to meet a gal that I had written to for 3 months. About a week before I departed than she said that she might not make it due to financially problems. So than I contacted Be Happy. They said that I could come and gave me contact information. So when my gal had not come to Moscow after 2 days I went to…

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Phil, Wisconsin

††††††Hello, My vacation in Tver was fantastic, thanks in no small measure to the Be Happy Agency. It was my good fortune ( or maybe just dumb luck ) to stumble across the agency. Both of my interpreters, Irina and Yaffa, contributed a great deal to my good experiences. Both had an extremely fine command of English. It seems to me the basic difference between the two is that Irina is fully confident in her abilities while Yaffa hasn't…

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Don, Spokane

††††††I just recently came back from visiting Tver (11 Nov 04) and had the best stay imaginable there. First I would like to say thanks to Yaroslav and his super staff for all they did while my visit there. The agency was superb all the way around and then more. Before my arrival there when I had questions Elena, in the office answered all questions and then more and even called when needed, such a big help. I was always treated so…

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