Robert and Yecenia

Robert is from Vienna in Austria and is living in Spain. Yecenia is from Cali, Colombia. This couple met through the dating website, they exchanged many letters and enjoyed many chats before finally meeting.

Robert had been looking for a lovely Latina for many years. Even when he had the opportunity to chat to lots of different singles ladies on the site, Yecenia was his immediate choice to begin a long-term relationship with.

Daily talks and chats made it easy for them to get to know each other. Robert was always attentive and responsive to Yecenia’s messages and every day over the last year she waited for his phone calls and video chats.

Finally, Robert made plans to travel to Cali and Yecenia was waiting for him at the airport.  It was such a special day for them! At last they had met each other in person.

Robert and Yecenia spent a great time together in Cali and were joined by her family and friends too who treated Robert like a member of the family. Robert sent us photos of their time together and gave a glowing testimony for the agency and, of course, we are very happy for them.

Robert says:

“After a history of bad relationships and being lonely for a long time, I came across this website and finally my hope of finding my Latin woman was rekindled... I was looking for love and now I have found a family. I was looking for one good woman and now I have many wonderful women in my life: the grandma, the aunt, the cousins and all the other women in her family who are now part of my life and have a place in my heart. I would like to thank this website for the translators and for making the opportunity for this experience in Colombia with Yecenia possible. I am already planning my next visit and my new life with her. We know we have a long way to go but we will be together. She is the one I have been searching for.”

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