Li and Steve

Hello there!

Steve and Li met on our site, fell in love, and now they are living happily together every day!

Steve is from the USA and he began dating Li five years ago just after he got divorced so his heart was totally broken and he was tired of married life. He joined this site by accident and then he found beautiful Li who he was totally attracted to because of her beauty and elegance. He tried to contact her again and again until finally he got her attention and she accepted his love. He told us that Li has saved him from a tired heart and tired life. She is his light and power.

Li is from Shenyang and had never married because she had never found the right man to marry. When she saw Steve, she thought he was a very good-looking man, very attractive. She was really surprised and excited that Steve liked her a lot too so they started dating and then decided to get married. Now Li tells us she is a very lucky girl to have such a good man as Steve.

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