Oksana and Gene


My name is Oksana and the first thing you should know about me - I am in love with my husband! Online dating helped me and my Gene to meet!

Deep in my heart I always knew I would meet someone but I never imagined it would happen through the internet. I saw him online the first week after registering and felt it was the beginning of something special and magical. I had never felt such a deep connection with a stranger!

When he hugged me for the first time, I understood that I was full of happiness and love! We met several times in Europe then I invited Gene to visit my native town and meet with my family. After his visit to Ukraine, we decided to marry. We had a perfect wedding in Verona. Do you know a more romantic place? I don’t!

I’m going to love him, be his best friend, make him feel special and happy till the end of my days.


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