Marina and Wayne,

Marina and Wayne met each other online in 2007. Since the very first letters Wayne started courting Marina. He sent her big bunches of red roses, different sweets and soft toys. In a certain period of time he rang her up and they started corresponding directly. Marina really liked his persistence and his appearance. After 3-4 months of correspondence he invited her to meet in Thailand, on Samui island.

After this romantic meeting Marina came to our agency with her eyes sparkling. All the time she kept saying about the miracle of that meeting. Everything was so great. Wayne was gallant and attentive and lots of people were kept saying that they are a very beautiful couple. They told Wayne that he had a wonderful wife.

This was the first step to a happy family. At that time they felt chemistry between each other. So they decided to be together forever. They met each other again and again. Wayne even came to Marina and lived with her and her daughter. They lived like a family for the whole month. Marina’s daughter really liked Wayne.

Then they met in Thailand all together once again. Of course, like any other couple they had some problems trying to get accustomed to each other. But in spite of all the obstacles they managed to cope with many difficulties and finally they got married in 2009. Marina and her daughter went to Australia to Wayne and now they are all a very happy family!

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