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Patrick, Houston

      Hello Everyone,

     My name is Patrick and I would like to tell you about a wonderful agency called Behappy2day. I was introduced to Yaroslav and his fine staff by Robert from Texas. His experience with Yaroslav and his fine staff finally made me commit to taking a trip to Tver and use Behappy2day Agency. I would like to second Robert’s comments about going to Tver. The women are phenomenally beautiful, intelligent and genuine. They have a…

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David, Idaho


     I have made several trips to Ukraine and Russia. I just returned from Russia with a visit that included Tver. I found Be Happy to be a client-friendly agency, trustworthy, helpful and friendly. I made my stay in Tver for only 5 days after I had already made my plans to arrive in Moscow and leave from St. Petersburg. I bought my own train ticket to Tver and by email and mobile phone I contacted…

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Robert, Texas


     My story is a bit unique in that I speak Russian on a basic level and I've been searching for a soul mate for quite some time. Of course I've dated many women here in America but I kept searching for someone special. I didn't want to have yet another shallow and hollow relationship with just anyone. Knowing some of the Russian culture I knew that a traditional and loving woman could be found in…

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Willow Creek, California

      I recently had the pleasure to utilize the services of the BeHappy2Day Dating website during my trip to Russia. I found their assistance to be fast, comfortable, efficient and comprehensive. Every detail of my stay was meticulously planned and organized. The interpreter was superb, the accomodations were excellent, the driver was always on time and the staff was friendly and helpful. I can recommend their assistance to anyone traveling to Russia without hesitation or reservation.…

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Robert, Arizona

      I would like to share with you my personal experience with the Be Happy agency in Tver.

     Before I write further about my experience with Be Happy, and its principals, Yaroslav and Ruslan, let me tell you where I'm coming from. My interest in possibly meeting a woman began about 3 years ago. Since that time, I have enjoyed the opportunity of personally meeting or dealing with the owners and personnel of various agencies . I have…

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Linton, Campbell River,Vancouver Island,British Columbia

      I would like to recommend the Be Happy agency to anyone who is trying to find that special someone in there life.Russian women are unlike any other women of the world as they have very good old fassion values and have not been corupted by the new world.Yaroslave and his employees were very helpfull and were always there for me 24 hours a day.Being a smaller dating agency you will find more personalized service.The…

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Khalid, North Carolina

      I came to know Be Happy Agency from their website. I was very impressed by the extensive services that they offered and decided to join them. I selected some ladies from their extensive database and communicated with them by e-mail. Then I went to Tver to meet these ladies. Yaroslav and his team promptly arranged my meetings with the ladies. Yaroslav gave me his cell phone number and offered 24-hour assistance. He showed me his…

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Brian, London, England

      I can certainly recommend the Be Happy Agency if you wish to find a beautiful woman from Tver. The choice of ladies is very good and everyone is extremely friendly. My recent visit to Tver was well organised by Yaroslav and his staff. I was picked up as planned from Moscow airport by a caring interpreter and a helpful taxi driver. The hotel was fine being right in the centre of Tver. Anything you want…

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Fredric, Minnesota, U.S.A.

      I would like to recommend the "Be Happy" Agency to anyone who is out there looking for the right girl in life.

     Yaroslav and his team have been more than willing to to meet my needs, from Email, to phone translation, and to accommodate my every need when I plan to visit TVER. When I was in Tver Yaroslav told me about his agency, he showed me around his well organized office. And I can say that after…

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Steve, Indiana

      I can highly recommend Yaroslav and his team at the Be Happy agency to anyone who is interested in finding a girlfriend or potential wife in Russia. His team shows a level of customer service that is second to none.

     The Be Happy agency could even give lessons to American companies on how to treat the customer. Be Happy agency really makes your wants and needs the top priority. They know all the girls personally plus…

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