About Me

  • Birthday 05 Jun 1995
  • Zodiac Sign ♊︎ Gemini
  • Residence Medellín, Colombia
  • Occupation Medical
  • Education University
  • Level of English Good
  • Religion Catholic
  • Smoke? Non-Smoker
  • Drink? Non-Drinker
  • Height 5' 6'' / 1.67m
  • Weight 128 Lbs / 58 kg
  • Hair Color Black
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Marital Status Single
  • Children None
  • Plans Children No

* the level of English is estimated by the lady


Discovering serenity in the embrace of nature is my sanctuary, where I find genuine peace. Whether pedaling along picturesque trails, I synchronize with the earth`s rhythm. The beach becomes a haven of relaxation, enveloping me in the sun`s warmth and the melodic cadence of the waves, a remedy for my worries. The underwater realm calls to me, beckoning through diving adventures that unveil a world alive with enigma and vitality. My spirit of adventure thrives through the passion of travel, a flame that continuously stokes my inquisitiveness, drawing me to explore novel cultures, landscapes, and experiences scattered across the globe.

Self Description

Maintaining distinct objectives has been my consistent approach, while simultaneously relishing life`s minor intricacies. I am an advocate for infusing everything with passion; hence, my life brims with fervor across all realms. The prospect of exploring the world`s marvels alongside a special someone appeals to me greatly, constantly engaging in novel pursuits. My array of hobbies includes outdoor escapades, indulging in the pleasures of cuisine (a hearty laugh included), and venturing into uncharted territories through travel. If you harbor an interest in delving further into my passions, don`t hesitate to inquire. 🖤👄

I’m Looking For

I am a dreamer with a romantic heart, enchanted by the prospect of exploring the world and immortalizing its beauty through my camera`s lens. The thirst for adventure courses through my veins, often leading me to uncharted territories where I uncover the allure of new cultures, sights, and sounds. I possess a kind and inquisitive nature, unafraid to take bold risks in order to extract the utmost from every experience that life presents. My infectious optimism serves as a beacon; when faced with challenges, I unfailingly transform them into opportunities. I aspire to spread this same sense of joy to others, going above and beyond to conjure smiles on the faces of those around me. Whether it`s through my travels, photography, or simply lending a compassionate ear, I derive immense pleasure from bringing happiness to those I encounter. As for your happiness, what can I contribute to make your world brighter?

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