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Feb 25, 2021

The 8th of March is coming!

Dear Customers,

Weíre happy to remind you that the major Russian and Ukrainian women's holiday is just around the corner!

The 8th of March is an International Womenís Day; it is widely celebrated in Russia and Ukraine and is a very special day for every lady there. This wonderful holiday symbolizes the wakening of spring, the bloom of nature, and of course female beauty. It has become an enjoyable tradition for ladies to get attention, gifts, and compliments from men on this holiday.

Your special lady certainly deserves to get your close personal attention on this amazing day! Donít forget to show your feelings by sending her elegant perfume, romantic gifts or flowers, and chocolates. Our Flowers & Gifts Delivery Service is always at your disposal and you can select the perfect gift for your special lady. Donít miss the chance to express your admiration and compliment your lady to make this wonderful spring holiday brighter for her!

If you do not consider pleasing your lady with a gift, then don't forget to congratulate her by sending a nice message and let her know your feelings toward her. Send her your best wishes - she will really appreciate your attention and care on her special day!

* to congratulate your lady on the 8th of March you may use the following phrase: ďI congratulate you on International Womenís Day and send you my best wishes!Ē†

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