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Sam, Australia

Dear Elena,

I appreciate much your professional advice and assistance in arranging my trip to Tver. To tell the truth, I had some doubts first about prepaying money for something that I will probably never get. But I should be honest and admit that you did make my trip enjoyable and most pleasant. I met the ladies I had corresponded with and I found the one I want to be forever with; I made new friends and…

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Ronald, UK


I want to thank you for the wonderful phone introduction service of yours. I enjoyed talking to my lady and I should say that it greatly encourages the relationship. Please, schedule another phone conversation for us on May 21. Thank you

Adam, Texas

Dear Behappy!

Thanks a lot for the great services you provide me with. I am impressed with the high quality of your work!

Dan, Miami


I just write to say that I did like your new approach to introducing ladies to men. Your video option is just great. I enjoyed hearing my lady speaking and watching her walking in the street. But most incredible was an air kiss! Thank you guys for the wonderful work done!

Matthew, Kentucky

Dear Be Happy,

I had an amazing experience in Tver with you. I met Diana and we had a great time together. We enjoyed skating and then, walking in the park. I made a wonderful tour around the city! I am planning to come back in the summer to Diana – we agreed to make that famous boat trip on the Volga River!

Sam, Louisiana

Dear Staff,

Thank you for arranging my trip to Ukraine. I spent a good time there meeting ladies and having great tours around cities. I was pleasantly surprised with the friendly and caring attitude of people there and now I am having a long and torturing way back home because I have to think everything over and make a final decision

Keith, Ohio

I tried different agencies but all of them lacked the great service I found here... I found my future wife with your help. Thank you very much! You are the best!

Robert, California

Thanks again to all the staff for picking me up at the airport so early in the morning, for your pleasant and friendly interpreting during my dates, for taking care of me as always and for seeing me to the terminal on my way back.

Tom, New York

I would like to say thank you for babysitting me while I was in Tver and making sure everything will go smooth… When I decide to be back I will let myself again completely into your hands…

Bernd, Germany

I find Russian ladies unbelievably beautiful and I think I will refer all of my unmarried friends to your site…