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Robert, San Francisco

      I would like to thank the staff at BeHappy International for my pleasant stay in Tver. I cannot express enough my appreciation for the helpful ability of Irina my interpreter. Irina was able to make all decisions necessary to make my stay as comfortable as possible. I would also like to congratulate Lena for making my date experience a most pleasurable experience.

    I look forward to utilizing the Services of BeHappy2day for my next trip hopefully…

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Pino, Italy

      Dear Maria, I just want to tell you that I am very happy with your service ,with your prompt answer,with your girls, you are very professional in this kind of work. I will talk to my friends about your agency,and when I will get married with one of your girls,we will make a big party in TVER, thanks!

Best regards,
Pino from Italy

Marly, New Zealand

     I used the BeHappy2day agency in November and as I had never been to Russia before I was worried about everything and they put my mind at ease and took care of me from the time I arrived till i left from being picked up and drooped off at the airport to accommodation even shopping for warmer clothes. I would specially like to thank Elena who was my interpreter. I was in Tver for 14…

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Alastair, England

      Hello BeHappy2day!

           Before taking the step of making my first visit to Russia, I had read all the positive testimonials from many men of different countries about the friendly and caring way that the agency caters for such visits. I think that such testimonials are the best way to reassure anyone who is uncertain about taking this step. Those that have been there before are best placed to comment and I can honestly say that if…

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Ron, California

      Thank you so much... I enjoyed myself very much throughout my stay, and hope to come back next year. Please remember me to Yaroslav, Olga, and the interpreters that each helped make my stay memorable.

Best regards,
Ron from California.

Bart, Belgium

      Dear Agency,

     I enjoyed my stay in Tver. I also want to thank Irina, the secretary who was always prepared to help me and of course my interpreter Lena,who helped me all the time through when it was necessary.

Greetings from Belgium, Bart

Bruce, New York, New York

      I had a great time! I did not match with any girl this trip,but I do have one excellent possibility and a second dream girl I still am pursuing at this point in time as well. To expect to match with a girl in 11 days is a bit of a stretch for a guy as picky as me. When I arrived in Moscow, an excellent Be Happy translator Diana was there to pick me…

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David M., Florida

      I would like to recommend Lena as top translator and thank her for making me feel at home. Lena has help me to learn what to look for and to ask of the beautiful ladies of Tver. Also I spent more time with one more top translator Eugenia, then I did with any one else in two weeks. I went more places and seen more of Tver with Eugenia and she took care of my…

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Roberto, Mexico

      Dear BeHappy2day,

     Thanks for answering my questions, it is a great help to be in contact with your agency and i will ask any other questions that might come to my mind.

     And i wrote before, I am sure your agency does whatever it takes to keep a good name and are serious about what you are doing.

     have a great weekend.

Best regards,
Roberto from Mexico.

Leo, Las Vegas

      Hello Olga,

     I finally made it back home safe.

     I enjoyed my stay in Tver a great deal. I enjoyed the company of Anna, Kate and Lena and learned a great deal from talking with them during our walks through the city. Hopefully they gained something from our talks also. Please be sure that they know that I appreciate the time that they spent with me.

     I enjoyed the food that I was able to sample--perhaps another trip…

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