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Kate and John

Kate is a very educated, wise and lovely lady who found John on this dating site. It was a very memorable time when he came to Ukraine to visit Kate. It was the first time he had visited Ukraine and when he arrived John gave Kate a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Then they went for a walk around the city, the parks and lakes, looking at the monuments where Kate shared the history of the…

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Lili and Jack

Lili and Jack met on our site and now they are planning to get married later this year.

Jack was born in the USA and lives in a big city where he works as a teacher at a college.  He is a very happy, positive and loving person. Although one of his three children has lived with him since his divorce six years ago, Jack felt very lonely and dreamed of meeting a sweet Asian…

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Michael, Austria

Inga is a wind of change in my slow-paced life. She brings joy and laughter, love, tenderness, and warmth I’ve been searching for all my life. And I’ve found her here!

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Elena and Steve

Hello everyone! I want to share my experience on this site with you. For a long time I wondered whether I should open an account or not .... I had many doubts .... but after I had heard a lot of stories from my friends, I realised I was ready to take this step! So I asked my agency to create a profile for me.

About a month had passed after I registered when I received a…

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Yulia and Patrick

Hello everyone! My name is Yulia. Today I want to write about my dating experience on BeHappy2Day. In the first few lines of this letter I want to express my sincere gratitude to the site staff and especially the staff at my local agency! I appreciate their professionalism and efficiency! Arranging my date with Patrick was more like a detective story! But, more about that later ..... Now I will begin with my romance with Patrick…

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Fred, Australia

When I was 18, I spent some time traveling the world. After spending three days in Moscow, I was in awe of the natural beauty of Russian women. 20 years later, I decided to joint the website to see if I could meet a Russian girl of my own! After a few weeks of chatting to a few different people, I met Svetlana. She is from a small town about 20 minutes from Moscow, but…

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Yana and Jerome

Hello everyone, dear friends! My name is Yana. I want to share my happy story on BeHappy2Day with you. Before I registered my profile on this website, I read loads of reviews, thought about it a lot, I even had a period of doubt. I assume that everyone goes through this stage).

Of course, I understand that each couple has their own story of love! Mine started about a year ago. Jerome wrote a short…

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Inna and Saul

Good afternoon! My name is Inna. I really want to share with you my experience on this site. It is amazing how many opportunities can open for you here! In the first part of my letter I want to express my gratitude to the site administration and the staff at my agency! I admire the professionalism of everyone who does this work.

I admit that for a long time I doubted whether I should register…

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Svetlana and William

Hello my dears! My name is Svetlana and I live in the city of Kiev.

I am very happy to tell you all about my wonderful date with William. We met each other here and I thank this site for giving us such an opportunity. Without you, what would I do? I would never have the chance to meet new people and find my man.

So, William and I had been chatting for a few…

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Gianluca, Italy

Love is what keeps us alive in this horrible catastrophe, so I am here to thank you for helping me find mine. We would have been married by now if it was not for coronavirus, but we keep our heads up high! Hope to be a married man by the end of the year!

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