Valeria and Charlie

Hello everyone!

I'm Valeria. I see many users of this online dating website share their successful stories so I decided to tell you mine too.

I met Charlie online 8 months ago. I was really impressed how smart and kind he was. For some time I just read his letters and dreamed about our real date. It was so difficult for me to take this serious step but I decided to act decisively.

Imagine my surprise when Charlie immediately agreed to meet me! He invited me to visit him so we spent two weeks in England when I met his family and friends. And then he asked me to go on our first vacation together. It was a great holiday with my perfect man and his friends. It was amazing! We were together day and night.

Now I'm really happy. He is the man of my romantic dreams. Everything is just perfect between us! My advice is, don't be shy to take the first step yourself. You never know where you might find your true love!


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