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Nadezhda uploaded a new video to her profile

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Ekaterina changed her status

Free for love, so take away this freedom
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Anastasia changed her status

Only the worthiest one finds the most deserving.
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Victoria changed her status

Tender and cute partner. Serious search!
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Olga changed her status

Let's give our love a chance!
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Maria changed her status

Let's try together what it means to live in paradise.
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Elena changed her status

Sometimes one call separates us from happiness... One conversation... One confession...
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Galina changed her status

An intelligent human does not think about who is in front of him. He makes sure that there is no one behind him.
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Ayelen changed her status

I can read your mind. :))
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Adriana changed her status

I feel so lonely without you... Where are you, honey?
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Anna changed her status

Love is a heavenly delight, so why are you afraid to accept it?
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Natalia changed her status

Even if it's thousands of miles away, I know you're there
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Anna changed her status

I know how to love and appreciate love.
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You're welcome to meet Maya, the newest profile on the site!

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You're welcome to meet Darya, the newest profile on the site!

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