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Gregor, Slovenia

I think customer service no matter what business you are in is essential. The staff of BeHappy2day has handled my issues carefully and I applaud them for that. It means a lot for a customer. So thank you very much for being professional!

Charles, the United Kingdom

The best advice I can give anyone single is to join this website. If you’re attracted to Russian ladies then you’ll be in heaven. I couldn’t even believe how many beautiful, interesting, educated women were on this site.

Georgios, Greece

I've really enjoyed my years of membership experience on www.behappy2day.com. The site is pleasant and easy to use. There are a lot of features, which helped me to get to know my soul-mate Alina. I’m going to visit Ukraine now. I’m really happy to meet her in reality. I fell in love like a young guy! Thank you, BeHappy2day, for these feelings!

Ethan, the United Kingdom

I owe a huge thanks to your website for introducing me to my fiancé, without your services and organizing my first trip out to meet her we would never have gotten engaged. Everyone is looking for that special someone and I genuinely never thought I’d find her.

Alvin, Finland

My best friend got married a woman he met on behappy2day.com and Iíve only heard good things about it. So I registered a couple of months ago. Iíve found Alina among thousands of profiles. She is awesome. I can only describe her as the finest person Iíve ever known. Now Iím thinking about a trip to Russia to meet her and to get to know her in the real life. I'm really happy that…

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Andrew, The United Kingdom

I couldn’t imagine life without Helena, after just a month we had become best friends. We shared secrets and knew so much about each other that I can’t imagine not telling her every detail of my life. I have never felt this close with another person before. Thanks BeHappy2day for helping me find her.

Murray, Canada

I strongly endorse the services of BeHappy2Day. Customer support is highly organized, responsive, and very hard working. Execution of the dates is smooth and worry free. Associated costs such as price category of the date locations and transportation are excellent. The overall value of the experience with BeHappy2Day is exceptional and unbeatable.

Victor from Florida, USA and Anastasia from Moscow, Russia

Anastasia and Victor met on the site BeHappy2Day.com on December 21st 2015. Since that time they have been communicating via letters almost every day, exchanging stories of the events of their daily life and pictures. During this time they have become really interested in one another and decided to plan a meeting. So, in August 2016 Victor flew to Russia and met Anastasia. They arranged a meeting in Moscow, the place where Anastasia is…

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Michael, Germany

Hallo zusammen! I've found BeHappy2Day while surfing the Internet one day. I saw a photo of one beautiful woman there and she stole my heart. I decided to contact her online and it was fate. After 2 months of chatting, I went to Moscow and we had a personal meeting. That was unforgettable! I realized that I donít want to go back home without her and she agreed to go with me. Thank you…

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Pedro, the USA, California

I have met the love of my life and she is a fine lady, I want to make her my Queen and wife. She deserves it and I am willing to provide for her a new life full of love and all the needs she might have. She is my heaven on earth. She is the best. Thanks for your excellent Dating Agency site!