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Victor from Florida, USA and Anastasia from Moscow, Russia

Anastasia and Victor met on the site BeHappy2Day.com on December 21st 2015. Since that time they have been communicating via letters almost every day, exchanging stories of the events of their daily life and pictures. During this time they have become really interested in one another and decided to plan a meeting. So, in August 2016 Victor flew to Russia and met Anastasia. They arranged a meeting in Moscow, the place where Anastasia is…

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Michael, Germany

Hallo zusammen! I've found BeHappy2Day while surfing the Internet one day. I saw a photo of one beautiful woman there and she stole my heart. I decided to contact her online and it was fate. After 2 months of chatting, I went to Moscow and we had a personal meeting. That was unforgettable! I realized that I don’t want to go back home without her and she agreed to go with me. Thank you…

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Pedro, the USA, California

I have met the love of my life and she is a fine lady, I want to make her my Queen and wife. She deserves it and I am willing to provide for her a new life full of love and all the needs she might have. She is my heaven on earth. She is the best. Thanks for your excellent Dating Agency site!

James, New Zealand

After talking to Victoria I knew my search was over. She got my strange sense of humour and we shared so many of the same values. Going out to meet her after a few months seemed the only logical thing to do.

Victor, the USA, Florida

Thanks to all the wonderful people at the Be Happy International Dating Agency for helping me have the greatest time of my life. They were able to make my dreams come true. That is to come to Russia and meet the most beautiful woman, Nastya. Nastya and I had a great time in Moscow together. Even though Nastya and I have been communicating for some time, the meeting was like love at first sight!…

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Jan, the Netherlands

I came to your site because my old friend married a nice Russian lady a year ago and he’s very happy with her. I also wanted to find a perfect lady for myself and here I have already met a gorgeous woman from Poltava. I am going to visit her in her country soon and I hope that this will be a very positive experience for both of us. Thank you for your great…

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Jeffrey, Australia

Yana has helped me regain my faith in love. Previously I was a bitter divorcee who didn’t think romantic happiness was a path I was destined to go down but I was surely provided wrong. It’s crazy how the right person can make you feel so different. Thank you.

Klaus, Switzerland

My happy story began on behappy2day.com. I noticed her profile, sent a letter – and now we are celebrating our second anniversary together. If someone still has doubts that your site really works – here is my example! Dreams come true with behappy2day!

Wesley, the USA, Texas

My friends badgered me into signing up and I wasn’t bothered to begin with, I’d been single for so long I didn’t think you’d be able to find me anyone. But after a few weeks I was curious and low and behold so many beautiful ladies who seemed to be interested in me. Hope to find my love here.

Johann, Germany

I like a lot how your site is looking now! The news feed is really great! Now I know who added new photos and see new profiles of the ladies as soon as they appear. Great updates, dear staff!