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Chenlang, Japan

I contacted her on the second day of searching on this site. Then after 4 months I arranged our first date and booked air tickets to Ukraine. Itís been almost a year with trips back and forth since our first meeting. We just canít live separately from each other and we want to plan our life together. Iím a 49 widower from Japan. So guys don't give up there is someone out there for…

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Steve, Canada

I love the addition of your blog. Thereís nothing perfect about dating, so it is great to receive advice on what I am going through as we all journey to find that special someone. It is almost like having that one friend that knows what is best for you and they will give you some of the best advice. There have been a number of times, when I go to the blog and find…

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Enrico from Italy and Elena from the Ukraine

I want to share with you, a very pleasant story that happened to me.

I remember it was a very nice, quiet, snowy winter evening. I came home from a walk with my friend Olga, who was in a hurry to get home to her husband.

At that moment l just wanted someone to talk to, preferably a man because they know how to listen and could give good advice.

I wanted to pour my heart out to…

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Heinz, Germany

I was in Kiev when I logged in to the site again and saw Irina. She impressed me with her beauty and the depth in her eyes. I decided to try date a lady service and right the next day the meeting was organized for us. I was pleasantly surprised! This date let us get to know each other better and spend a wonderful time together. Irina amazed me with her femininity and cheerfulness.…

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Trevor, Australia

I can still remember like it was yesterday. It had been nearly three weeks, since I broke up with my girlfriend. I was going through the motions and not really having any interest in going out and meeting someone. It was one of those scenarios, where you want to be with someone, but I didnít want to go through the hassle of attempting to start a new relationship. Iíve had accounts on other dating…

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Javed, Finland

I would like to thank the team of this site for help and personal assistance. Iím very shy and diffident person. I always thought that I would never find that one woman, but you helped me to understand how my perfect lady looks like. What is the most important, you provided me with a chance to meet her in reality! Iím more than satisfied with the quality of your services. You are doing a…

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David, the UK

The stress that Iíve had from dating in the past has been greatly reduced. It is great to know that the person that Iím contacting is interested in having a real relationship. So many times, I have met women at various outings and nothing comes from it. Yana shared with me how she was also having a hard time in finding a special someone. Since our initial conversation, things have been great. I was…

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Henk, the Netherlands

After a mismarriage I decided to try my luck on this site. Iím very busy and have particularly no spare time due to my work. Itís also difficult for me to get to know someone in a restaurant or in a club. After surfing the internet and choosing from the thousands of online dating sites, I found this one and stopped. Now Iím sure, I didnít mistake. The team helped me a lot and…

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Floyd, the Netherlands

When I broke up with my girlfriend I had no doubt where to look for my soulmate. I signed up on this site and started searching. I know exactly how my perfect woman looks like and I hope to find her here.

Stuart, New Zealand

In any normal situation jumping on a plane and travelling to the other side of the world would be something youíd spend months thinking about but my decision was made easy when I met Alina. We spoke every single day for a few months and when I thought about getting on a plane it was such an easy decision. I had to see her face-to-face, I wanted to see her smile and hear her…

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