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Henk, the Netherlands

I’d like to thank the site for arranging a phone call with Valeria for me. It was nice in two ways. Firstly, it helped us refresh our relationship and secondly, talking to each other we were able to train our English skills. I appreciate the work of our interpreter who was ready to help us at any moment. I will definitely use this service again. Thanks.

Valeriya from the Ukraine and Doug from the USA

I met Doug when he came to Ukraine last winter. We almost didn't know each other at first. We had a few conversations, but he stayed in Kiev and offered to meet me for a cup of coffee. I didn't expect that we would become friends, but we were so interested in each other. He told me a lot about Hawaii, where he lived. We were joking a lot about the differences in climates and how heavy winter clothes are for the people who live there, where summer never ends. It was very interesting to see his photos and videos while it was extremely cold here and everything was covered by snow.

Then we had a couple of amazing dinners when we couldn't stop talking. Doug was a real gentleman: tolerant, honest, charming…

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Maria from the Ukraine and Robert from the USA

We were exchanging letters for a few months. It was a very interesting experience for me as I had just started to use the site. Additionally, I've never met a foreigner before. It was so impressive. I met Robert in Kiev this spring.

He lives in the United States, but natively he is from the Philippines. He showed me a lot of photos from his motherland, it was truly amazing. I couldn't even imagine that there…

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Jackson, New Zealand

I am grateful to the professionals of the website. It offers so many interesting and useful features, such as blog filled with tips on dating, live chat features, and even the option to video chat with women I would like to get to know better. Whenever I get online, I have a variety of options of what to do and how to interact with the beautiful women I am talking to. I love the…

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Henk from the Netherlands and Svetlana from the Ukraine

Henk and SvetlanaA fabulous first date ...

We all dream of getting a lucky ticket and winning big, and meeting Henk turned out to be by lucky ticket!

I met my Henk on the Marriage website on the eve of the upcoming 2017 New Year! I immediately thought that it was a good sign and lots of happy moments were waiting for us together in the future! Fortunately, Henk noticed my invitation to chat and wrote a letter for me first.

I am so grateful to the Marriage site for giving me the opportunity to meet the man of my dreams! If there wasn't such a wonderful website then we would never be able to meet each other in life. When Henk saw my invitation to chat, he wrote a letter for me at once and we started to exchange some warm and interesting correspondence. Those early letters helped me to realize that I was not alone in the world any more…

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Martin, Belgium

From the photos alone I understood Diana was my type of girl. I fell in love with her lovely eyes and sincere smile. Last month we met up in person. She looked stunning in her red dress, I was just blown away! Our future plans are to get married and live together in Belgium. My special thanks to the interpreter, she is a true professional.

Alan from Australia and Natalia from the Ukraine

I want to tell you my story and I will try to be honest and open.

The only things I was wanting from my future partner are honesty, respect, kindness and passion. I was not looking for a man that is just interested in being a pen-friend, because I wanted to create a real loving connection. I wanted a man to share my interests with. I wanted a man with whom I could do everything together. And then I met him…

His name was Alan and he was from Australia. I think that living in Australia is something that I would want. It is a very rich and very developed country and that presents so many opportunities in life…

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Dawie, South Africa

I got to a point in my life where I was bored at meeting women in the traditional ways, such as at clubs and bars. I wanted something different. The women I met before weren't the kind of people I wanted to spend my life with. When chatting with my friends about this, they suggested I try BeHappy2day, and I am so thankful that they did. Since joining, I have met my current girlfriend,…

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Jody from the USA and Darina from the Ukraine

The first time I saw Jody in the chat was at the start of the spring. We started to talk and he said that he was in Kiev now. He offered to meet me for a cup of coffee and I couldn't resist, because he was so nice. We walked a lot around Kiev. We even went to ride carts, and that was extremely funny. He was trying to lose the game to make me…

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Karl, France

I had a positive experience with the site. I was lucky enough to meet a serious and marriage-minded woman. We are a perfect match! The only issue is our language barrier. We are both improving our English skills and I am planning to order English Lessons for my beloved. It’s great the site offers this service. Thank you, BeHappy2Day!