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Ben, Canada

Iím the quiet type and I never really had a serious relationship with a woman. I figured my best bet would be to find a website and attempt to meet someone that way. I made a few stops at some other dating sites, prior to BeHappy2Day. I communicated with a number of different women, but there was something different about the women that I met on BeHappy2Day. Before I knew it, I was interacting…

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Antoine, France

I have to admit that when I started searching for my soulmate on the internet I doubted if I would ever find it. Although I knew that one of my friends got married a woman he met on a dating site. My search lasted 2 years with no results and I even thought about giving up a try. Then Alina wrote me and we really got interested in one another. She was very feminine…

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Oz, Australia

Thank you for taking it one step further with your blog. Even though there are a ton of beautiful single women to choose from, itís still great to have access to some much-needed advice. I just want to say that the blog has been very beneficial for me. I was out of the dating scene for a while, so I needed that extra advice to clean off the dust. Your tips helped me gain…

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Fabrizio, Italy

Thanks to the site I have met a woman of my dream! I came to a spontaneous decision to organize our first date and it was excellent! She was a real lady and she carried herself like a queen. We had a great time visiting museums and simply walking in the parks, even though it was winter and the weather was really cold. Those days were unforgettable. I cannot describe how happy I am…

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Fidel, Mexico

It has been almost two years since I registered on your site. During this time there have been bitter and sweet moments as in every kind of relationship, on and offline. However, one thing hasn´t changed: the high-quality services provided by you and the whole team.

Best regards,

Clayton, New Zealand

BeHappy2Day, thank you! I had dated a few women in the past, but it always ended up being a loss. I was somewhat scared to give dating another chance, but I had a few friends that used your site in the past. After seeing me without a woman for months, my friends made the suggestion and boy what a relief! Let me just say, I scheduled a second date with Anya and everything went…

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Krystian, Poland

I met Diana on this site. After months of correspondence we decided to arrange our first date. As I wanted to visit Ukraine, I decided to spend my vacation there. When the date came, my lovely Diana met me at the airport of Odessa. It was an incredible moment! After that we went to Nikolaev together, it was her native city. We spent a week together and had a wonderful time. Diana showed me…

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Thabo, South Africa

I just wanted to send over a huge kudos to your website. Even with all of the features to choose from, it isnít difficult to use your site. It is great that I have more than one way to communicate. With the advancement of technology, video is one of the latest ways that we communicate. Seeing live footage of someone that I meet online is a big plus. Even the phone call is perfect,…

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Walter, Belgium

I’m excited with the Spring Selfie contest which is running now! It is so interesting to watch fresh photos of the ladies. All of them are so beautiful! I made sure once more that they are real. I will keep up with the latest news regarding the contest and vote for my favorite lady. Let’s see who will be the BeHappy2Day’s Queen Selfie 2017!

Jonathan, the USA, Kansas

Bars and clubs arenít what they used to be. Thatís why Iím so thankful for dating sites like yours. I have found not only beautiful women, but I also have tried the option of communicating with them in real-time. I feel like I can only go so far with sending a message and waiting for a response. The connection is much stronger, after Iíve had the chance of chatting with someone live on the…

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