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James, the USA

So, I am shy. I am huge, I love the outdoors, and I could probably knock down a tree with my shoulder. But, I am shy and get stupid around women. I know that I want to travel, and I want to see the world. I thought, hey, I need someone from another part of the world to take me by the hand and drag me to places that will amaze me.…

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Harold and Wendy Wang

Look­ing at this pic­ture, we can see how hap­py Har­ry and Wendy are to­gether.

Harold and Wendy Wang have come a long way since they first met. Harold is 62 years old and a re­tired col­lege pro­fes­sor. He had de­vot­ed his life to teach­ing and so left him­self ba­si­cal­ly no time for so­cial­iz­ing with other peo­ple. He told us that he was no good at all at mak­ing con­ver­sa­tion de­spite be­ing a pro­fes­sor but when he be­gan writ­ing to Wendy he gra­d­u­al­ly be­come more out­go­ing and dif­fer­ent some­how.

Wendy ex­plained to Harold that, since she had di­vorced her hus­band, she had brought up their child as a sin­gle par­ent which was ex­treme­ly ex­haust­ing…

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David and Anna

I met David on the first day that I vis­it­ed the dat­ing site. We had long chats through the night un­til the morn­ing and be­­gan to get to know each other bet­ter and bet­ter. Af­ter six weeks we de­­cid­ed to meet each other in re­al life so David came to Kiev the fol­low­ing month.

David looked just like his pho­­to – al­ways smil­ing and jok­ing all the time…

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Peter, Austria

It was always my dream to meet and date a Ukrainian woman. Thanks to your website this dream comes true! I think I met my beloved one and I’m ready to propose to her! Wish me luck!

Billy and Jane

Bil­ly saw Jane Wang on our dat­ing site.

Jane is 47 years old and be­fore she re­tired from work she was a sales ma­n­ag­er in Bei­jing. She joined our web­site a few months ago and met Bil­ly, the love of her life. At first she was not very con­fi­dent about com­mu­ni­cat­ing be­cause her En­glish was quite poor but since she has been talk­ing to Bil­ly a lot, her En­glish has im­proved very quick­ly.

Jane told us that the rea­son why she has picked up En­glish so fast is be­cause Bil­ly is such a fun­ny per­son that ev­ery time she talked to him he made her laugh. Even though Jane's En­glish is still not per­fect, Bil­ly is very pa­tient with her. Bil­ly used to own a car garage so they have lots of things in com­mon to talk about…

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Juan and Alyona

Hel­lo. My name is Aly­o­na.

I have lived all my life in Ukraine and have not had very suc­cess­ful re­la­tion­ships in my own coun­try. But I am the hap­py mother of my lit­tle princess! And I want to give her the best. And the best thing for a child is a hap­py mother! Be­cause my per­so­n­al life in Ukraine has not worked out well, I de­cid­ed to look for my man in another coun­try and so I ap­plied to the mar­ri­age agen­cy to find my other half abroad.

I was look­ing for a man who is sin­cere, who loves chil­dren and who is ready to bear re­spon­si­bil­i­ty for his beloved wo­m­an and her small child, a man who is in­tel­li­gent, pa­tient, re­spon­si­ble!..

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Jake and Rebecca

Jake and Re­bec­ca saw each other on the web­site and now they’re dat­ing.

Jake is 56 years old and owns a mo­tor­cy­cle shop. He is a very con­fi­dent and bold per­son. When he saw Re­bec­ca’s pic­ture on our web­site, he knew that he must con­tact this gor­geous lady. And he did. He told us that he is now to­tal­ly be­sott­ed with Re­bec­ca and just can’t stop think­ing about her.

As for Re­bec­ca, she had been on our web­site for quite a long time but had nev­er met the right one un­til Jake. She says she likes bossy and con­fi­dent guys and Jake hap­pens to be like that. And Jake is re­al­ly tak­ing care of her even in Chi­na. She al­so told us that Jake’s Chi­nese …

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Derrick and Anastasia

I be­lieve that it is very im­por­tant for a wo­m­an to love and be loved. I have al­ways dreamed of a big fam­i­ly, a big house and a big dog. And now it seems that I am close to mak­ing this dream come true!

Be­cause I work in a staff group of wo­m­en, it’s hard for me to meet a man at work so I de­cid­ed to try and find my­self a part­n­er on this web­site. This site is very con­ve­nient be­cause it pro­vides the op­por­tu­ni­ty to get to know and talk to a per­son, to de­cide whether you are in­ter­est­ed in cont­inu­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions and whether his goals and out­look co­in­cide with yours…

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Louis, Belgium

I think I was just very lucky that Victoria found me herself on this website. I think it’s very brave of her to make the first step in our communication. She’s smart, easy-going and funny! I feel so happy that we more than friends now. Next month I’m going to visit her again and spend my holidays in Ukraine! Thank you for everything! 

Adrian, Sweden

I always knew that most of Russian women cook perfectly and look stunning… And it’s completely true. Thanks to your service, I was lucky to check it myself. I’m chatting with Ekaterina from Saint-Petersburg now and she is often sending me some pictures of her home-made food – it’s so delicious. I can’t wait to try it, hope it’ll happen soon…

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