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Robert, California

Thanks again to all the staff for picking me up at the airport so early in the morning, for your pleasant and friendly interpreting during my dates, for taking care of me as always and for seeing me to the terminal on my way back.

Tom, New York

I would like to say thank you for babysitting me while I was in Tver and making sure everything will go smooth… When I decide to be back I will let myself again completely into your hands…

Bernd, Germany

I find Russian ladies unbelievably beautiful and I think I will refer all of my unmarried friends to your site…

Andrew, California

The job you did was really great… Everybody was nice and friendly to me and we made good friends with my interpreter… I do not know what I would do without her help and advice.

Sean, England

I would like to thank all of the BeHappy staff for taking care of me and Irina on my second visit to Tver. It was also a pleasure to join you at your new year party, thank you again for the invitation!
I wish you all a great 2008 and happy Christmas for 7th January :-)

Kind regards,

Artur, Poland

Dear BeHappy2day Staff!

I would like to thank you for your help and servicing. It was really a professional work. Those days I spent in Tver (and Moscow) was really exciting.

I think I will use my virtual account to buy 8 credits for sending and receiving letters.

Thanks again

Have a nice day and good luck.

Best regards,

Eduard, Spain

Hi BeHappy2day staff!

How are you all?
I hope that everything is fine with you all!!
I arrived fine, maybe little sad for all joys that I have left behind in these days that I have spend in your beautiful city, and that now I have no more holidays... but I'm happy for all that you did for me, your care, patience, your help and assistance, I cannot say anything bad of you, because all was fine, perfection…

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Sean, Great Britain

Dear Yaroslav,

I have just returned to the UK after spending just over a week in Tver with your team. I would like to say I am very happy with the excellent service all of your staff have provided during my stay. They were all considerate, attentive, helpful and polite at all times both in the office and while I was dating. In particular, interpreters Yaffa and Evgenia were great. A real pleasure to spend time…

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Terrance, California


I know no Russian or at least not very much. I have to qualify the latter because it was my second trip to Tver and I picked up some Russian inspite of myself. Behappy the agency is there to arrange "dates" with the special ladies that I had been emailing for about a year. There is no guarantee that any person will find you or them to be special enough to bind their relationship in marriage. Dating…

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Jerry, Arizona

Dear Be Happy International Staff,

Thank you for a wonderful time in Tver. The trip to and from the Airport was smooth. My interpreter was great, very helpful in the different dates and assisted in arranging my dates and offer suggestions on possible ladies that had expressed interest. I was also very pleased with the customer service that Maria provided; she was very nice to talk with. The ladies that I met with were all very nice,…

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