Christmas Lady Photo Contest

Voting for the Christmas Lady 2016 is completed!

The voting for the most beautiful lady of this winter has successfully been completed. For six weeks you have been giving your votes for your favourite ladies whilst admiring their amazing festive pictures.

After a long and keenly fought competition, we are happy to introduce you to the winner of the contest:

Meet Aliona Ė the Christmas Lady 2016!

Watch Aliona's video message right now!

Aliona from Saint Petersburg, Russia is happy to introduce you the most beautiful lady of this year Ė charming Aliona from Saint Petersburg, Russia. After a tough competition, this young lady has received the biggest number of your votes and became the Christmas Lady of the year 2016! Today Aliona is happy to share her unique story about her personality with you. You are welcome to enjoy reading her letter and viewing her amazing photos and a VIDEO MESSAGE to you!

My Darling Voters,

Thank you so much for making me the Christmas Lady 2016. I am so happy! It is so special to be voted the most charming lady on the site.

This is the first time I have entered a contest and I want to thank everyone who voted for me, enabling me to win. I am a modest person who is hardworking and driven. I believe I am a kind and sympathetic young lady who dislikes hypocrisy and pride. Iím ready to surrender myself completely to a man and surround him with care and affection, together with love and tenderness. I appreciate devotion and sincerityÖ

My biggest priority in life is my family and friends. I donít have many of them but I know that I can rely on each and every one. Their love and support are very important to me and Iím sure they feel the same about me. Of course, when I have a family of my own, they will be my first priority. Itís always been my dream to have a strong family bond and to live in love and harmony with my beloved.

I have no bad habits. Iím very friendly and cheerful. I love spending time with my friends and enjoy relaxing in nature. I have always loved winter and this winter of 2016 has been so special for me. What could be better than walking along a snow-covered street or watching the snow fall through the window, while enjoying hot tea in the kitchen or a glass of champagne with strawberries?

I eagerly await Christmas every year. I have loved the winter holidays since I was a child and I always know that something special will happen at this time of the year.

This Christmas was an especially lucky one for me, my happy time. I love buying presents and decorating the New Year tree and preparing something special for a festive dinner. It is the time of year to leave all doubts and disappointments behind and to start something new Ė a wonderful new relationship, for example.

As you can see, Iím a very tender and romantic woman and I believe in love. I also believe that Christmas wishes always come true.

This year has been very successful for me and is full of good memories but I want next year to be the year of LOVE for ME and YOU!!!

With love and gratitude,

Your Christmas Lady 2016!