Lady of the week

Olga , 37 ID: 53184

Hi ev­ery­one!

I am the founder of a beauty salon where real art is created every day. From the moment I first opened the doors of my own salon, my life has become an amazing and exciting journey. Starting from scratch wasn't easy, but I was determined and passionate about my business.


Irina , 35 ID: 38576

Hello! My name is Irina.

I am not just the blonde that you see in the photos, I am a person with a beautiful personality too.
I am warm-hearted, cheerful and smart. I love smiling and have lots of reasons to do that. I can be kind and strict, funny and serious.

I like to travel and I dream of visiting Japan and China because I want to learn more about Eastern culture.

Among my other interests are cooking, music, nature, art and aromatherapy.

Nina Ewa , 36 ID: 53137

Hello! My name is Nina Ewa. It is always easy for a young, slender and sophisticated woman to find her way out of any situation. My life is filled with bright colors, lightness and comfort which helps me to stay in good shape. I accept life as it is and always remain true to myself, you could say that this is my life credo.

Yuliya , 29 ID: 53642

Hi, I’m Yuliya. How are you?

I work in the sale of luxury Lamborghini cars which are among the fastest, most expensive and prestigious vehicles in the world. I know everything about the cars’ technical characteristics as well as the design and history of these Italian masterpieces. I communicate with clients who value quality, style and comfort. I help them to choose the right model, conduct test drives and draw up the sales documents. I am a Lamborghini fan too and love to drive them in my spare time. I enjoy the speed, power and beauty of these cars.

Nadezhda , 32 ID: 53122

Hi ev­ery­one!

I’m Nadezhda and I can't imagine my life without cooking. For me, this is not just an everyday activity or a duty, but a real art that brings joy and inspiration each day. I am convinced that food not only satisfies hunger, but also inspires and creates a warm atmosphere in the family.

Viktoria , 46 ID: 54485

Hello! Today I have decided to share with you part of my inner world! I hope you enjoy touching my soul!

My biggest hobby is drawing. This is a hobby that I devote a lot of time to and try to constantly improve. For me, drawing enables self-expression, meditation and the ability to embody my ideas and fantasies on paper.

I have been drawing since childhood and then over the years this hobby has become more serious. I prefer to work with a variety of techniques and materials, including pencils, watercolors, oils and digital painting. Each technique gives me the opportunity to express my feelings and ideas in a different way.

What I value most about drawing is its ability to convey mood and emotion. Spending time in front of a canvas or a piece of paper allows me to immerse myself in the creative process and forget all about my day to day worries. I can paint landscapes, portraits, abstract compositions or something completely unusual depending on my mood.

Drawing also teaches me patience and perseverance. It doesn’t always work out the way I want it to straight away, and sometimes I have to redraw the same detail several times but it is through this process that I find satisfaction and joy.

I also learn from different sources and try to study the work of other artists which inspires me and helps me to develop. I also learn from my own mistakes, and each new drawing is a step forward in my art.

Drawing is more than just a hobby for me. It enables self-expression, immersion into the world of creativity and it is a source of inspiration. I hope that over time I can continue to develop my craft and share my work with others so they can see and feel what I am trying to convey through my drawings.

Now you know a little more about me! But this is not my only talent! I'm like a box of surprises!.... Do you want to open the door to my world?

With warmth in my heart!

Diana , 28 ID: 53497

Hi guys! My name is Diana.

I am a young and beautiful girl who loves sports and an active lifestyle. I regularly visit the gym, where I train my body and spirit. I watch my diet and avoid bad habits. I know how to highlight my natural beauty and style. I am confident in myself and my abilities. I am a role model and inspiration for many people. I am a girl who deserves respect and love.


Oksana , 32 ID: 47531

Hello! Here is a single Ukrainian looking for true love!

My name is Oksana. I am cheerful and easy-going, genuine and friendly. You will find me calm, kind, romantic and comfortable to be with. I am feminine and tender but at the same time I am strong and brave.
I am full of love and desire to be loved. I love my life and feeling real emotions.

I love active rest, I adore traveling because seeing something new is always a great idea!

My hobby is horse-riding because I love animals very much. I ride a lot during the holidays and I especially like riding in the hills and forest. Horse riding is a great outdoor hobby. I find it very enjoyable but it is also hard work!

If you're thinking about having riding lessons I could help you)

Sofy , 22 ID: 54402

Hi, I’m Sofy. I’m a woman who loves cycling.

My love and passion for my bicycle is evident as shown in this video and you will also see that my skin color gives me the essence of being Latina with all the very marked cultural traits that means.

I love riding my bike, it’s always my companion and I really like going for long walks too.

Aiym , 22 ID: 52840

Hi, I’m Aiym. How are you? There’s something I’d like to share with you.

I think the heart always speaks for us and knows the answers to everything.

But my heart cannot just speak, it can also sing. I hope that in this video you will hear not only my voice, but also my soul.

Karina , 21 ID: 51800

Hi ev­ery­one!

Is there any­thing in your life that im­me­di­ate­ly lights a spark in your eyes and brings a smile to your face?

I do have a hob­by that does this and ac­tu­al­ly, it is not just an in­ter­est of mine, I guess it's a kind of calling... it's danc­ing! It defi­nite­ly takes up the big­ger part of my life and it has al­ready be­come a part of me.

When­ev­er I feel sad - I dance, when­ev­er I feel hap­py - I dance. Danc­ing helps me to ex­press my emo­tions, to cheer me up and to just be healthy.

I have a very artis­tic per­so­n­al­i­ty so it's es­sen­tial for me to have a lit­tle art in my life. Danc­ing is a re­al art - the way our bodies move, the way we ex­press our feel­ings and emo­tions with it... it's sim­p­ly amaz­ing!

When I was a kid, I de­cid­ed that I want­ed to be­come a pro­fes­sio­n­al dancer when I grew up and right now I am mov­ing to­wards this dream - I am study­ing at uni­ver­si­ty to be­come a pro­fes­sio­n­al chore­o­g­ra­pher.

I dream of meet­ing a man who will un­der­s­tand and, if he wants to, share my hob­by. Isn't it ro­man­tic to dance to­gether af­ter a nice din­n­er? It's a great way to burn off the calo­ries and pre­pare for another spe­cial part of the even­ing to­gether... with a dream about you!


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