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Drew, Canada

Finding love is hard! I never seem to get it right, but when I started online dating I found that I could talk to ladies easily, and when it came to date a lady, I was prepared. It was so much fun.

Carsten, Germany

Thanks to the team of BeHappy2day.com!
I say can it is the best online dating site I`ve ever tried – no scam, no fake accounts, only real beautiful ladies. Now I chat with one of such beautiful ladies and plan to visit Russia next year.

Matt, Nevada, the USA

When I joined Behappy2day, I had no expectations, but how wrong could I be. I met Irina within days and we have become inseparable. When we first met we would chat for hours and I soon knew she was the one for me. I have a lot to thank Behappy2day for, that`s for sure.

Kenneth, Norway

To be honest, I was always inclined to be sceptical about online dating sites. I didn`t like the idea of chatting with the person whom I haven’t ever seen. But the service of Video Chat on this site made me change my mind. Now I am sure that I am chatting with a real woman and I must admit she is very attracrive :)

Olivier, Belgium

Online dating is a great opportunity for those who want to meet a perfect match. It is not so easy to do it in real life. BeHappy2day offers a great variety of services that can help you to find your love. My favorite one  is Live Chat. Now I can always be in touch with Julia, whom I met here.

Dean, New Zealand

For someone like me, who is really shy, the phone introduction was great. It made things so much easier and we talked for hours. I couldn't believe how well we got on, we had so much in common and I'm really looking forward with optimism for our relationship.

Thanks, behappy2day.com!

Steve, Canada

Live Chat was what helped me meet Lana. When I saw her profile I was hooked, then she gladly decided to chat, we spent hours talking on messaging and live chat, until we were ready to meet face to face. It was even better than I expected, we really got on well and are looking forward to our next meeting.

Richard, Austria

Thanks to the site behappy2day.com I`ve met my lovely Helen. She lives in Poltava and soon I`m going to visit Ukraine to have the first date with my lady. I`m so excited!

Pablo, Spain

The language barrier is not a problem any more. Owing to the help of translators from this site,I was able to talk to a nice lady from Russia without knowing a word in Russian. Your phone translation service is great! 

Paul, the Netherlands

Hello there,

The thing that is really worth trying here is 2way live video chat. Not only you can chat but also see each other and communicate with non-verbal language so to say.