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Jason and Anastasia

Jason and AnastasiyaI cannot find the words to describe how glad I am to have met Jason.

He is a very nice man, a very attentive, intelligent and kind person.

He started our communication carefully and in the right way. I immediately felt that he liked me, because after just a few letters he told me that he wanted to see my green eyes. A couple of days later we met! I was so pleased to…

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Ben, the USA, Alabama

The first time I met Olga it was by surprise actually as I happened to be in Ukraine for business and I contacted the BeHappy2Day team to see if they could help arrange a last minute meet up. Fortunately Olga was free and the team did everything they could to make sure our day was the best it could be. The introduction was quick and easy and we found that our date flashed by…

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Even, Norway

I’ve joined the site recently. First I chatted online with several women and then invited them into a 2 way live video chat to make sure they were real. I was surprised to the upside because the ladies were as beautiful as in the photos and the connection was also very good. After that I decided to continue communication with one woman and it seems to me I met my soulmate. 

Bill, Canada

With so many beautiful ladies I was a little distracted when I first came onto the website but after a few live chats I started to feel comfortable and met Rita who turned out to be an engineering student in a similar field to me. Itís crazy how you can meet someone so similar to yourself despite being thousands of miles away. We had so much in common and can chat for hours on…

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David and Alexandra

David and AlexandraHandsome, intelligent, sweet and kind is how I would describe David.

When he wrote to me, I was thrilled that his interests were very similar to my own. He had a cheerful disposition and an incredibly positive outlook. As I remember now, I was waiting impatiently for every answer from him as he was a very interesting man.

He has so many friends as he is a very sociable person. It turned out that…

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Matthias, Germany

There are so many beauties on this site! I’d love to talk to all of them but I can't spend 24hrs a day chatting. Although I’ve found several women that I want to meet in person and I’m seriously going to use Date A Lady service. I’m primed for success! 

Manabu and Eugenia

I think all of us have different reasons for being on this site. My purpose is to find my soulmate, an open-minded person.

One day I started a conversation with a very kind and romantic person called Manabu. He was very polite within his messages and paid me lots of compliments that were very unusual for me because I donít normally receive these types of comments.

I was curious about him so I decided that one…

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Ted, the United Kingdom

After a few months I knew it was time to meet Polina. She seemed sweet, passionate and we had so much in common and video chats just didnít seem to cut it anymore so I knew I needed to make a bigger step. BeHappy2Day were able to sort out accommodation and flights for me and even work out the logistics of meeting and providing an introduction when we first met. As soon as I…

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Peter and Anastasia

I remember I was attracted to Peter because of his very beautiful and kind eyes. I wrote to him first, which I donít usually do, but he was the first man who I found to be so interesting. We immediately struck up a lively dialogue and he came across as a very cheerful and positive person. In fact he always cheers me up, at every opportunity, by telling jokes!

After six months of communication, emails…

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Keneth and Elena

Keneth and ElenaI have always wanted to communicate with a man of Scandinavian descent. I am genuinely interested in their Nordic temperament, vital and behavioral restraint and their special attention to the environment.

When I saw the profile of a man named Keneth, who was born in Denmark, I immediately wrote to him. He was, without a doubt like a real Viking, beautiful, handsome, brave, strong and this power even showed in his eyes. I…

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