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Greg, Ireland

I’d always considered myself very out-going, the guy everyone was happy to go to the pub with for a beer! My Irish accent has always been popular with the ladies too! However, as I have gotten a little older I noticed that all of my friends were partnered-up! I was left as the only single in our friendship group.

I decided to use BeHappy2Day as my first online dating experience, and what…

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Haihua and Robert

This is Haihua, a lady from Changsha in China and Robert is from Australia.
Haihua is a teacher at a university in China who had been single for many years. Although she
likes Western culture, she told us it was hard to decide to look for a partner outside China because
Chinese ladies are very traditional.
But one day her friend introduced Haihua to our website which she says turned out to be a very…

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Robin, the Netherlands

Thank you! I’d ordered English lessons for my girlfriend through your Gift service and she has just finished it! We are going to order a phone call and Nastya promises that she’ll try to talk without the interpreter. I am totally excited!

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Andrew and Lili

An­drew and Lili fell in love on our site and now they are liv­ing hap­pi­ly to­gether in Lon­don.

An­drew is a sin­gle hard work­ing man from Lon­don with a big fam­i­ly of four kids and six grandchil­dren. He is a very in­de­pen­dent and kind lov­ing man. Af­ter his di­vorce six years ago, he be­gan to…

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Juliya and Ramiz

This is the sto­ry of our pure love. I have to tell you that I am the hap­pi­est per­son alive. This was one of the best things I have ev­er done in my life.

First of all I want to say that I be­lieve in destiny. I got a let­ter and it was from him, the man of my sweet­est dreams. I looked at his pho­tos…

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Tommy and Jiali

Tom­my and Jiali had a great date in Chi­na and soon they will have a fan­tas­tic wed­d­ing and a long and hap­py mar­ri­age.

Tom­my is from Aus­tralia and a sin­gle fa­ther of three sons who had been sin­gle for many years. He thought he might be alone for even longer un­til one day he joined our site and saw Jiali…

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Roy, England

Let me be honest; I’m in my 50s, have had more jobs than I care to remember and gave up on love a good number of years ago! I thought I had everything I needed right here next to the River Thames! But I was missing the love of a great woman.
I’d done dating websites for years but grown fed up of time wasters. This website changed all that. To be able…

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Natalia and Eulogius

I liked him from the first mo­ment when all I could see was his pho­to here. I had been alone for years and our meet­ing was a great chance to change ev­ery­thing in my life! I want­ed to find some­body who would sup­port and un­der­s­tand me.

We spent a long time chatt­ing here be­fore we ac­tu­al­ly met. While I…

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John and Xiujuan

John and Xi­u­juan met on our site and now they are plan­n­ing their wed­d­ing.

John has been lone­ly for a long time in NYC, USA. He had a big fam­i­ly with two grown-up kids. He had visit­ed Chi­na when he was quite young and ev­er since then had liked the coun­try and now he dreamed of meet­ing a beau­ti…

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Xavier, France

I’ve tried a lot of dating websites and I’ve met a lot of women and frankly speaking Slavic women are the last ones standing apart from excessive emancipation. I wanted to meet a humble tender lady to be my best half, loving wife and a future caring mother, someone to put her man and her family above everything. That’s what Anna eagerly did three months ago when she came to Marseille to…

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