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Derrick and Anastasia

I be­lieve that it is very im­por­tant for a wo­m­an to love and be loved. I have al­ways dreamed of a big fam­i­ly, a big house and a big dog. And now it seems that I am close to mak­ing this dream come true!

Be­cause I work in a staff group of wo­m­en, it’s hard for me to meet a man at work so I de­cid­ed to try and find my­self a part­n­er on this web­site. This site is very con­ve­nient be­cause it pro­vides the op­por­tu­ni­ty to get to know and talk to a per­son, to de­cide whether you are in­ter­est­ed in cont­inu­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tions and whether his goals and out­look co­in­cide with yours…

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Louis, Belgium

I think I was just very lucky that Victoria found me herself on this website. I think it’s very brave of her to make the first step in our communication. She’s smart, easy-going and funny! I feel so happy that we more than friends now. Next month I’m going to visit her again and spend my holidays in Ukraine! Thank you for everything! 

Adrian, Sweden

I always knew that most of Russian women cook perfectly and look stunning… And it’s completely true. Thanks to your service, I was lucky to check it myself. I’m chatting with Ekaterina from Saint-Petersburg now and she is often sending me some pictures of her home-made food – it’s so delicious. I can’t wait to try it, hope it’ll happen soon…

Hans and Rong

Hans, 62, is a re­tired busi­­ness own­er who hand­ed his com­­pany to his son and who now spends his days en­joy­ing his hob­­by of pho­­tog­ra­­phy. Rong, 60, is a re­tired gov­­ern­­ment ad­min­is­­tra­­tor who loves to dance and who is dig­ni­­fied, el­e­­gant, soft­­­ly-spo­ken and has all the virtues of a tra­di­­tio­n­al Chi­­nese wo­m­an.

Hans was im­me­di­ate­­ly at­­trac­t­ed to Rong which made him un­­sure ex­ac­t­­ly how to say hel­­lo…

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Travis and Daria

On this dat­ing web­site, I was hop­ing to meet the man of my life and, thanks to it, my dreams have come true.

It was 2017. Back in those days I did vis­it the site but I had no time for it be­cause of study­ing at the Uni­ver­si­ty. But I met a man there, and I could not get him out of my mind so we found the op­por­tu­ni­ty to com­mu­ni­cate with each other and get to know each other bet­ter with the help of let­ters.

His name is Travis and he is from the USA, Chica­go. It sounds strange, but I kept ask­ing my­self if it was pos­si­ble to fall in love with a man just through cor­re­spon­dence. Now I know that it is pos­si­ble…

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Edward, the UK

There are a lot of positives about using this website. It is well organised and easy to filter through the different profiles to find the ones that matter to you. The profiles give a lot of detail that is important to know before making contact – you have to read these with a bit of caution of course – but then you get to chat with the people directly. I remember noticing…

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Ben and Ting

Next year will be the tenth an­niver­sary of the be­gin­n­ing of Ben and Ting's re­la­tion­ship. They met on this web­site nine years ago. Ben is an Amer­i­can fi­nan­cial an­alyst and Ting is a kin­der­garten teach­er in Chi­na. They are like a cou­ple of tee­nagers in love.

When Ben visit­ed this site, he was im­me­di­ate­ly at­tract­ed by the sim­ple and love­ly beau­ty of Ting. He stayed up all night to write a long love let­ter to her but wor­ried that Ting's En­glish lev­el may be limit­ed and that she would not un­der­s­tand. So, at the end of that long love let­ter, he add­ed, “My sto­ry is too long so I will keep it short in­stead - I have fall­en in love with you”…

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Cliff and Irina

This love sto­ry be­gan one au­tumn day in 2017… and then, af­ter that, Cliff and Iri­na com­mu­ni­cat­ed for a long time. Their re­la­tion­ship was like a fairy tale! Af­ter months of cor­re­spon­dence, Iri­na knew a lot about Cliff and he knew ev­ery­thing about her. More and more of­ten, the idea of fi­nal­ly meet­ing be­gan to crop up dur­ing their con­ver­sa­tions... And fi­nal­ly they agreed to meet in Odes­sa, the re­sort ci­ty of Ukraine.

They met on a sun­ny spring day in 2018. It was so fun­ny! In front of Iri­na stood a man who, from the out­side, ap­peared to be a com­plete stranger. Un­fa­miliar fa­cial fea­tures, un­fa­miliar scent and an un­fa­miliar tone of voice and yet… she knew al­most ev­ery­thing about him…

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Elias, Finland

I’m a very shy person by nature, so it’s definitely easier for me to communicate online. But when I started chatting with Anastasia, everything has changed. I was so eager to meet her in real life that I decided to come to Ukraine! Well, it was perfect, she was even better than on photos. So, I’d like to thank you for all of this!!! 

George and Lihua

Ge­orge and Li­hua met in an in­ter­est­ing and ro­man­tic way.

Ge­orge, a Ca­na­dian elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer, was a se­ri­ous man. He didn't come here to this site with any great ex­pec­ta­tions but his Chi­nese friends en­cour­aged him to try it.

One day, about two months af­ter he had signed up to the site, he came across Li­hua, who was a year old­er than him. He said ‘Hi’…

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